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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

The Metatronic Fundamentals

The Metatronic Fundamentals 

To take the Metatronic Life & Healing® pathway Online, which begins with Step One – the Foundation, we recommend, by way of preparation, to complete one or more of the “Metatronic Fundamentals” classes. 

“Metatronic Fundamentals” classes and Metatronic Life Healing Sessions are quite different from each other.  A way of wording it would be that a healing imbues you with the warmth of “fire”; whereas a Metatronic Fundamental class gives you the “fire” directly. It is the gift of a direct energetic empowerment and connection with Metatron and Metatron’s Personal Path of Healing and Spiritual Evolution.

During each of the classes, you will be introduced to the Metatronic Healing Pathway, and receive a transmission of a Metatronic Fundamental, and receive a healing based around that aspect of it. 

The Three Fundamentals are Divine Grace, the Complete Feminine and the Complete Masculine.  Each of these contains a balance of all three whilst emphasising, balancing and healing the one concerned.

Upcoming Class Dates 2024:
Grace Saturday May 11th,
Whole Feminine Sunday June 9th,
Whole Masculine Saturday July 6th

About The Fundamentals

You may be reading this because you are interested in Metatronic Life & Healing®. Perhaps you may have been touched by the free sessions of Enhanced Immune Education for your Health or Metatron’s Arc for World Peace.  Or you have been touched by the Online Group Healing sessions and now want to explore more.  This is an invitation to the next step. 

Once you have taken a Metatronic Fundamental, you may take Step 1 – The Foundation, however you may have to wait a little while for that to happen, since Step One Classes are held in February and September of each year.  The Metatronic Fundamentals are designed to nourish you, offer healing to you and connect you in readiness for Step One. 

We hope you say yes and join this profound, simple, sacred journey.  To find out more information, read on, and if you would like to book, follow the links above.

More Information

How is it communicated?
The Metatronic Life & Healing Pathway is Metatron’s personal healing journey and is given via attunements and transmissions.  The attunements retune the body back to its original balance.  The transmissions are the healing tools or energetic templates that resonate with your higher and more creative vibration.

What will I get in this class? 
In these classes, the attunements and transmissions are focused on each of the three divine life qualities; Grace, the Whole Feminine and Whole Masculine energies within us.

Who can come? 
All are welcome, no experience is needed, just your wish to give yourself this gift of presence and healing.

Why are these specific transmissions chosen for the Metatronic Fundamental?

The three Fundamentals are Grace, the Whole or Balanced Feminine and the Whole or Balanced Masculine. 

Grace is that sweetness that eases the way for us.  Any movement, inner or outer, is released through this quality.  It is, in many ways, that which allows things to happen.

Throughout all cultures and through all spiritual traditions, the feminine and the masculine, the Alpha and Omega, the receptive and creative, left and right, the Yin and the Yang are common because they are fundamental to our being and balance.  The first thing we encounter when we are born is, traditionally, the Mother – the First Female and energy of the Feminine, and this is closely followed by the First Male and energy of the Masculine.

This imprinting sets the tone for all relationships with these prime qualities within us and in our outer relationships.  No one is perfect, so often we are shown imperfect and wounded templates; hence our relationship with the feminine and masculine are off to an imbalance from the beginning.  Whether too much or too little, or even perfect, this begins a lifetime of reaction to these imprints.

Metatronic Fundamentals, whether taken as a set of 3 or individually, are designed by Metatron to bring the whole of that aspect to you.  So whether you take Grace, the Feminine or the Masculine, because each contains the other, you will receive a balance.  To have Grace anchored in you or to be re-connected with the template of the Whole/Original/Divine Feminine and or the Whole/Original/DivineMasculine will gently call us back to our perfect wholesome inner nature.  Awesome.

About The Metatronic Fundamental Class: 
The class is 4.5 hours in duration.  It will include a blend of

  • Brief informative talks about Metatronic Class Pathway
  • The gift of the specific Fundamental energy for you to benefit from, via the Attunement and Transmission 
  • A healing session which you can receive lying down, bringing deep rest and nourishment.

How much will it cost? £44.00

We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful experience.

Please Note: Places are limited, so book early – thank you.

What comes after a Metatronic Fundamental? 
By taking one, more, or all of these classes, you are made ready to take Step 1 – the Foundation, Opening the Healing Pathways.  This is a full 3-day class with Transmissions and Attunements of Metatron’s seven archangelic healing qualities.  The next one isSettmeber 20th – 22nd 2024, 

Or to register your interest e: 

Metatronic Pathway