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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Metatronic Pathway

What is the Metatronic Life & Healing Pathway?

There are seven steps, and each one is designed to help you with your spiritual evolution.  All you need to do is simply take the steps and each step leads to the other, bringing new insights, empowerments and healing into your system.  Of course, you may engage deeper if you wish, but Metatron has designed this as a series of steps along a pathway that leads to your fullness.

They are given in a sacred sequence that guides your development. It is fundamental that they are taken in the correct order and that time is given to integrating each one before taking the next.

The Metatronic Pathway Is as follows:

Metatronic Pathway

Sacred Ground – a Metatronic Beginning - Read More

In order to take part in one of these classes, online, you need to complete the “Sacred Ground – a Metatronic Beginning” Class. A way of differentiating between the online sessions we offer, like the healing sessions, and what we will be offering here, is that we have been giving you the warmth of “fire”, what we offer below is giving you “fire” directly. It is a direct energetic empowerment and connection with Metatron and Metatron’s personal path of healing and spiritual evolution. During the class, you will be introduced to the Metatronic Healing Pathway, given the opportunity to receive 3 Metatronic Empowerments of Grace, the Divine or complete Feminine and the Divine or whole Masculine, which form the Sacred Ground, the ground for your further spiritual awakening with Metatronic Life & Healing. It is the pre-requisite to take the Seven Steps which we set out below.

Step 1. The Foundation: Opening the Healing Pathways - Reconnecting you to your Essence

The Foundation. Through seven attunements and transmission, you are reconnected to the divine aspects of your true being. This class also gives you the healing tools which make up the foundation of Metatronic Healing techniques.

Step 2. Golden Alchemy: Rebuilding your - Tree of Life

Through life’s challenges, our trust in Life and our connection with nature is shaken and in some cases, broken. This course re-makes your "Tree of Life", re-fortifies your energetic system and completes the second stage of the Metatronic Healing technique, to enable you to offer a full Metatronic Healing.

Having been connected and strengthened by the first two steps you are now ready for the three major healings.

Step 3. Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past

With the grounding of the first two steps, we can begin three major clearings, starting with your unconscious conditioning and wounds, family patterns and personal history.

Step 4. Crystal Radiance: Healing Emotions

The Crystal Radiance second major clearing using 13 attunements and 13 crystal transmissions which bring healing to deep emotions.

Step 5. Music of the Spheres - Healing Mental Positions

The Cosmic step is the third major clearing focusing on our mental positioning, the freeing of which leads to the blessing of radical forgiveness.

You are now ready for the new imprint from those that have walked and completed the path before us.

Step 6. A Walk with the Masters

Bringing the matrix of Metatronically chosen masculine and feminine masters into the weave of our Being to deepen our connection to Divinity.

Step 7. The Vitruvian Bridge

After the sixth step, we are now ready to dive, both into the deep mystery of the Divine, and back to Earth, via transmissions and attunements of the elements.

There is one more step that can be taken very early on for those that wish it, the path of Metatronic Awakening.

The Metatronic Awakening Stream

For all those that have taken Step One – The Foundation: Opening the Pathways, there is the possibility to experience the Metatronic journey into Awakeness. It is deep, liberating, profound, simple and mysterious.

With the completion of these 7 steps, you will have over 65 different healing energies to use in a healing meditation for yourself or others.

The Metatronic Practitioner Pathway

The Metatronic Healing Practitioner Pathway

For those that have taken Step One – The Foundation: Opening the Pathways, and Step Two - Golden Alchemy and this training pathway becomes an option stream. Metatronic Pathway

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