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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

About Metatronic Life and Metatronic Healing

In 2007 Pippa became a conduit for an archangel known as Metatron, to bring in a new, unique and direct method of healing for our time: Metatronic Healing® – Metatron’s personal healing system.

Who Is Metatron?

Metatron is described as the angel of Divine Presence – a peace that passes all understanding – and the archangel who bridges Heaven and Earth. As a result of work as a human, this Archangel can be regarded as the “older spiritual brother” who knows where we are and what we need. As such Metatron holds the blueprint for our personal spiritual journey and reaches a hand across the veil to guide us back home to health and fullness of being.

What is the Metatronic Pathway? 

The power of Metatronic Pathway is the series of attunements, given to re-calibrate a specific part of your body or energy system, and Transmissions, the gift of an energetic healing tool that can be re-accessed at any time. These two gifts gently resonate with that aspect of us that is divine, amplifying our energy and encouraging us away from our old “stories” more into the light of our truth. This alone is quite a profound and yet simple, gentle experience. Metatron’s promise was that this method of energy healing would “lift the unconscious story from the body’s cellular memory and activate the heart centre”.

Spiritual growth happens in two ways: one, the knowing of our True Nature and the other healing that which obscures it.  One of our main obscurations is the stories that we believe about who we are and how it is.  To be healed of these creates a huge release of life force and a real invitation to live life not just survive it.

Video Talks About Metatronic Life and Metatronic Healing – Click Here to View

With Senior Metatronic Teachers: Richard Farmer and Clare Glennon