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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

awakeness stream

A Metatronic Journey into Awakeness – Releasing the Mirrors of Separation

With Senior Metatronic Teacher Richard Farmer assisted by Senior Metatronic Teacher Clare Glennon

If you have completed Step 1 – The Foundation, you are eligible to receive this awakening movement. Taking this class will be deep, liberating, profound, simple and mysterious. To understand what it is and how it came about, read on.

The Problem 

Why is it that we take on the stories and wounds handed down to us as ours? Why is it that when we have the seed of the Divine within, we turn to the illusion of our separateness? Why don’t we just see that it is simply ancestral karma being played out and choose our true nature? Or even when we know it is ancestral karma, why do we take it on personally and remake it again and again?

The reason we keep doing this is that there are energetic mirrors that cut us off from our knowing, which isolate us, make us forget who we are. When our wounds trigger us, the reactivity explodes out and is reflected back to us by these mirrors. If you look in a mirror, you only see yourself, this reactivity or wound and not past that identity to your true nature, which is “awake to peace”. You only see your separate self and the pull of history and the ancestral karma or wound and conditioning that we carry. I have called these the “Mirrors of Separation”.

How was this discovered?

Awakening and enlightenment, for all, has been around since the time of the Buddha. From the Buddha came the Four Noble Truths, which if followed made it possible to awaken out of the illusion of separateness. This takes a lot of discipline and spiritual practice, and it took me about 24 years of intense and focussed meditation to even get close to awakening out of the illusion of separateness. Metatron will give this to you in 4 days!

What are the Mirrors of Separation?

They are a necessary part of the sacred journey.

  1. In order for there to be a light that releases the darkness, we must first know that darkness, where it is solid and seen consciously.
  2. In order to do that we need to take it on.
  3. In order to do that we need something which separates us from our True Nature.
  4. The divine creates a mirror of separation to ensure this. 

How does this fit into Metatronic Healing?

Metatronic Healing is here to speed up the process of our and the planet’s, spiritual evolution. How does it do this?

Firstly by strengthening the light of our True Nature (activating the Heart) because we don’t know anything other than our ego and our wounds without this.

Secondly, thinning the thick blanket of karma (lifting the story) makes it easier to remember who we are. But even with this remembering, we “fall”, and there is separateness again, especially when we are in front of particularly deep or thick ancestral wounding or egoic reaction. It is as though we know nothing. When the wound is activated, all the training and spiritual knowing goes out the window. But, eventually, we emerge, and sooner or later, we remember and then feel our True Nature once more. This is a cycle that happens again and again and it is the mirrors of separation that keeps us in this cycle.

Now, there is a third Metatronic movement, of a light that dissolves these structures and allows us to wake up out of this serial forgetting. Once released, it is not a matter of remembering because now we are “awake to” in the space which has not forgotten. The whole spiritual process of evolution is speeded up. There is more to say, a lot more and we have the course for that, but for now, I am going to leave it here.

The Invitation from Metatron

One day in a morning meditation, Metatron “dropped in” to communicate that this is now possible for students of Metatronic Life and Healing. Metatron shared the awakening light that releases these structures and how to bridge it into others. This led to a period of experimenting with this awakening light and getting to know it. Subsequently, Pippa (the Founder of Metatronic Healing), Clare (the other senior teacher of Metatronic Life) and I sat with Metatron in this light of awakening, exploring it together and further understanding and integrating it into the Metatronic weave. Pippa remarked, “I love it. It’s beautifully clear, rich, deep and warm – and very exciting  – the students are going to love it!”

For the past six years I have run this class and the results have been very affirming of the process with everyone experiencing this release each in their own way.

This process of awakening is real and having lived with it for some 20 years now and have walked my spiritual path with and without it, the difference is significant. Do you want to experience it too? From Metatron’s point of view, because you have the connection through the first step ‘Opening the Pathways’, you are ready.

The Class

Metatron will meet and work with you where you are. So whatever your next release of Awakening needs to be, that is what will move.

The Schedule

The class begins for those attending for the first time with a 2hr evening to prepare the ground.  For this group and those who are joining them to release into the next level, everyone then meets for four full days. The release happens usually on Day 3 or the beginning of Day 4 and that gives us enough time to then integrate it.

The timetable allows enough time and space for integrative sessions of breaks for rest and walks. There will also be a series of talks each day to help you, and time for sharing experiences and of course questions to deepen your understanding of the process.  There will also be healings given to help you let go into the process . There is a Transmission and Attunement to help you integrate.

It also gives me the opportunity to gift you through a simple “Sitting” meditation a way to integrate the reality of the awake space. It is part of your true nature. You don’t have to learn to meditate, but I can guide you to feel where it simply is. This is a great opportunity and will give you a tool to drop into the awakeness and help you integrate it after the course and to serve you the rest of your life if you want to use it.

Your Invitation

This is truly a unique event. It is an awesome event. It is quite simply beyond value. There is not just one Mirror of Separation, there are a number of them and as you come to each class and sit in the light of this awakening stream, the other structures will release until there is nothing left in the way of who you truly are, the full embodiment of the Divine in Human Form.