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Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Register

The Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Register:

Metatronic Healing Practitioners certification levels are listed with the following abbreviations:

Step 1: Foundation: Opening the Pathways: OP

Step 2:  Golden Alchemy:  GA

Level I: Foundation Practitioner

Step 3:  Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past:  AS

Step 4:  Crystal Radiance: CR

Step 5: Cosmic: Music of the Spheres: CO 

Metatronic Healing 1-1 distant session are verified at full capacity and certified on completion of Step 5: CO

Level II: Advanced Practitioner 

Step 6:  A Walk with the Masters: MA

Step 7:  Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge: VB

Metatronic Healing Practitioners are listed on the Practitioner Register by country and region in alphabetical order. Practitioners can be contacted directly via the register and through their own practice. Scroll over ‘Find a Metatronic Practitioner’ main navigation bar to open the drop-down menu of countries with available Practitioners. 

Metatronic Practitioners Code of Ethics    
About 1-1 Metatronic Healing Sessions   
 Metatronic  Healing Pathways Map


Metatronic Healing® is a complementary energetic healing modality. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your doctor for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.