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Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Register

Practitioners Foundation Course imageMetatronic Healing® Practitioners Register

Practitioners are listed below by region (alphabetical) and are available through their own  practice. Training levels completed are listed by the following abbreviations:

OP – Foundation: Opening the Pathways 

GA – Intermediate: Golden Alchemy

AS – Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past

CR – Advanced: Crystal Radiance

CO – Cosmic: Music of the Spheres

MA – A Walk with the Masters

VB – Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge  

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United Kingdom


Jack Hume-Richardson M: 07916 30 6745 E: le.jackhr@gmail.com Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/VB

Sarah Lambert M: 07851 739334 E: sarahlambert21@gmail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Hari Ma M: 07735084427 E: hari.ma.healing@gmail.com  Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Brendagh O’Sullivan Region: Bristol/North Somerset T: 01275 394425 M: 07951794125 (txt only) E: brendagh.osullivan@gmail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS


Sarah-Jane Ellis Region: Chesham (Metropolitan Line) M: 07973 500 542 E: ellissj8@hotmail.com  Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA

Louise Page Region: Wendover T: 01296 696 285 E: holisticlouise@btinternet.com Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB/Facilitating group healing sessions certification

East Midlands

Anne Whitehouse Ph.D Region: Oadby, Leicestershire Mob: 07779 230 859  E: info@anne-whitehouse.com Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Richard Farmer  Tel: 01989 740 590 Mob: 07766 278 475 E: richard@metatronic-life.com Advanced Practitioner/Metatronic Healing Teacher: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

Fran Robinson Region: Malvern, Worcestershire; – Ledbury, Herefordshire M: 07968 170901 E: franrobinson54@onetel.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Avril Shaw  Mob: 07568 564 198 E: avril.shaw56@gmail.com Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/VB


Rosella Barbabella M: 07989 462 542 E: rosella2007@gmail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Tania Hamilton Mob: 07780 171 518 E: tania_hamilton@hotmail.com  Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Tahni Lamonde-Lyle M: 07505 308 659 E: tahni-abundare@hotmail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Carla Piscitelli Region: Hackney, N/E  M: 07898695160 E: piscitelli76@googlemail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA

Archna Shastri E: a.shastri123@btinternet.com Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA

Diana Vrencoska M: 07950 920 035, E: dianavrencoska@gmail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS /CR

Anastasia Vyssini M: 07896 955 247 E: avyssini@hotmail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA


Clare Glennon T: 01865 751 810 M: 07903 276 018 E: clare@metatronic-life.com  Advanced Practitioner/Metatronic Healing Teacher: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Tina Collins Region: Kettering M: 07817442657 E: Twells1000@aol.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO


Jill Goodwin Region: Taunton, Minehead & Porlock . T: (pref): 01278 734 538. M: 07765 961 982 E: jill.goodwin@uclub.net  OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/ Facilitating Metatronic Healing group sessions certification.


Guy Eason Region: Dorking, Surrey, T: 01306 627 598 E: guy2eason@talktalk.net Foundation Practitioner OP/GA/CR/CO/MA/VB


Ann Jensen Region: Salisbury & Hampshire T: 01722 780 209, E: annjensen53@gmail.com. Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO


Gillian Goldfinch Region: Malvern M: 07721 512 664 E: gillian.goldfinch1@btinternet.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Fran Robinson Region: Ledbury, Malvern & Herefordshire M: 07968 170 901 E: franshiatsu@onetel.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS


Dylan George M: 07841 833 956 E: info@millersyard.co.uk Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR


Stella Jones Region: Swansea. T: 07811 686 712 E: stellajones1@live.co.uk Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB/Facilitating Metatronic Healing group sessions certification.


Dolores Torres Region: Dublin M: 00 353 860 593 306 (plse txt) E: dolores.torres111@yahoo.es Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB/Facilitating Metatronic Healing group sessions certification.

Jennnifer Wayte Region: Dundalk, Co.Louth T: 086 851 9656 E: jenniferwayte@gmail.com Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB/Facilitating Metatronic Healing group sessions certification.



Tatiana Rybianska E: tatiana.rybianska@gmail.com T: 00421 904 985 943 Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO


Dolores Torres Region: Castellón T: 0034 672 293 657 (mesaje) E: dolores.torres111@yahoo.es  Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB/ Facilitating Metatronic Healing group sessions certification.


Isabelle Favre Region: Valais T: +41(0)78 657 75 15 E: isabelle@artherapie-valais.ch Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR

Pino Iacoviello Region: Nyon Tel: +41 22 361 17 44  E: pino.iacoviello@gmail.com Foundation  Practitioner OP/GA/AS/CR


Mary Magni Region: London, Ontario. E: marymagni585@yahoo.ca  OP/GA/AS/AC/CO

Nina Quinn Reigion Victoria, BC E: 9aquinn@gmail.com   OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA



Caara Shayne Region: Los Angeles Email: cshaynerun@yahoo.com T: 310-704-5575  OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

New York

Kathleen Curtin Region: Saratoga Springs, New York 112866. E: kac6011@yahoo.com OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Eleonora Khodova Region: Staten Island, New York E: ekhodova991@gmail.com: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Lydia Silva Region: Watervliet, New York. E: journeyoflife22@hotmail.com  OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Debra Simmerly Region: Ellenville New York. E: anmasims@gmail.com OP/GA/AS/CR/CO


Irene Jenson Region: Fairfax, VA Email: irenejenson@gmail.com  OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA

Disclaimer: Metatronic Healing® is a complementary energetic healing modality. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your doctor for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.