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Metatronic Life and Healing® Pathway Events Schedule

Metatronic Life and Healing® – Events Schedule 

Metatronic Special Events

The two senior Metatronic Teachers, Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer, offer you inspiration and healing online events. These sessions are open to all who want to come and experience the pure power, nourishment, and healing that is Metatronic Healing.

Free Event – Open to All

Educating the Immune System for the Current Viral Threat

Next Date: Tuesday 30th November 8.00 pm UK GMT/ 3.00 pm EST/ 12.00 PST BOOK HERE


Online Metatronic Group Healing Sessions 

With Metatronic Teachers: Richard Farmer and Clare Glennon

Healing for your Spirit – 24th November 8.00 pm UK GMT: BOOK HERE

This healing session is for your Spirit.  Spirit is the light that illumines us.  It is the Being of the Human.  However, the “thickness” of the world and its stresses, along with the conditioning we receive, obscures or cuts some of us off from this essential part of who we are.  We may have been disappointed by spiritual teachers and systems, or religious beliefs and structures.  It may be that we were simply not taught about this part of our reality.  It may also be that we are well along on healing this rift but need some extra help to allow us to live from the light of our being, so that we can manifest who and what we have come to be.  Whoever you are or where ever you find yourself, we all need a little help with this.

The Online Group Healing events start with a short grounding meditation. Then we will briefly introduce the focus,  followed by the healing itself, which is generally in silence. For this, you can sit and relax in a chair or lie down comfortably to receive.  The whole event will last about 60 to 90 minutes.

Free Event: Metatron’s Arc – Helping to make a difference  

Metatron’s Arc – the need for some healing & holding for all the turbulence and change that we are experiencing.  Whether it’s Climate Change, Politics, Economics, Food Production or Health and more you cannot fail to see the need of some holding.  All are welcome as we all make a difference!
Arc 1  30th December 8pm UK GMT USA 3pm EST 12 noon  PST BOOK HERE
Arc 2  20th January 8pm UK GMT USA 3pm EST 12 noon  PST BOOK HERE
Arc 3  10th February 8pm UK GMT USA 3pm EST 12 noon  PST BOOK HERE

Metatronic Life and Healing® Pathway and Events Schedule 2021

Sacred Ground

This is an “Open to All” event and as such, it is a deep healing weekend in and of itself. This also serves the Preliminary Class for taking Step 1 – Foundation ‘Opening the Pathways’  

Read more about this class

BOOK HERE for 12th & 13th February 2022 Teachers: Richard Farmer with Clare Glennon


Metatronic Life and Healing Pathway – Class Schedule

Visual Map of Pathway – Click Here 

Regarding COVID Public Public Restrictions and Metatronic Pathway Schedule 2021 – To ensure classes can continue for 2021 in the current situation, online options are listed below. To read more information about taking Metatronic Classes Online Click Here

The upcoming steps on the Metatronic Pathway are listed below from Step One – The Foundation “Opening the Pathways” and progressing through the class pathway. Visual Map of the Metatronic Pathways Each step is listed in date order, along with their Metatronic teacher and location. To see full booking information and book a place – please click the class date link.

Step 1: Foundation: Opening the Pathways 

Dates for 2022 will be announced. 

Metatronic Journey into Awakeness

Prerequisite: Foundation Opening the Pathways. View Metatronic Pathways Map

12th (eve) to 16th January 2022, ONLINE (USA Timings): Teachers: Richard Farmer with Clare Glennon

Step 2:  Golden Alchemy 

Prerequisite: Opening the Pathways

Golden Alchemy

3rd – 6th February 2022, ONLINE: Teachers: Clare Glennon/Richard Farmer. Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.

3rd – 6th February 2022, BIRMINGHAM,UK  Teacher: Gill Goldfinch

Step 3: Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past 

Prerequisite: Golden Alchemy

Ancestral Songlines

20th – 24th April 2022, ONLINE  Teachers: Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer

Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.


Step 4:  Crystal Radiance 

Prerequisite: Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past

Step 4: Crystal Radiance

15th – 19th June 2022, ONLINE   Teachers: Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer

Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.

Step 5: Cosmic: Music of the Spheres 

Prerequisite: Crystal Radiance

6th – 10th April 2022, ONLINE  Teachers: Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer

Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.

Step 6: A Walk with the Masters

Prerequisite: Cosmic Music of the Spheres

The next class will be scheduled for 2023 – dates to be announced. 


Step 7: Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge

Prerequisite: A Walk with the Masters

Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge11th – 15th May 2022, ONLINE Teachers: Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer

Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.


Metatronic Healing® Practitioner Training

Foundation Practitioner Course – Level I
(Prerequisite: Golden Alchemy)

ONLINE COURSE FORMAT – Registration Open Now 

Part One: 26th & 27th February 2022 

Part Two: 12th & 13th March 2022 

Course times will accommodate both European and USA Timezones  

Advanced Practitioner Course – Level II 

ONLINE: 2nd – 5th December 2021 ONLINE – Registration Now Open

Teachers: Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer

Metatronic Healing® Practitioners: Continuing Professional Development Day 2022

Foundation Practitioner CPD Day: 5th March 2022 – ONLINE: BOOK HERE 

Advanced Practitioner CPD Day:  6th March 2022 – ONLINE: BOOK HERE

Course times accommodate both USA & European time zones.

Metatronic Life and Healing® –  2021 Class Fees 

Metatronic Life and Healing® – Booking, Payment & Cancellation Policy Information

Metatronic Life and Healing® Students and Practitioners – Repeaters Discount Rates