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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Metatronic Special Events

Free Events: An Energetic Intervention by Metatronic Healing for the Current Viral Threat

22nd May 5:00pm UK (BST) / 12.00 noon US EDT / 9.00 am US PDT – BOOK HERE

Healing Wounds from the Past

Have you come to carry on the mistakes and patterns of the past, or have you come to heal and transform them?  When it is put like this, the answer is obvious.  This next series of online Metatronic Healing sessions given by Senior Metatronic Teachers Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer are focusing on the wounds and conditioning from the past which constrict and distort our true nature.  Left unchecked, these create and continue the patterns that have been relayed from our past. 

Metatron has divided them into three categories.  The Deep Past, the Family Line and your own Personal Wounds.  Whilst the sessions are designed to be taken to unburden and heal the 3 levels of historical wounds that we carry, they can be taken as a one off session should you wish to have just one.  We do of course recommend all three to you.

♦ Session 1: 

Healing wounds & conditioning from the Deep Past – 19th May 8.00 pm BST

We are shaped by many pressures which echo through us from the deep past, whether it is our cultural heritage, our race, our gender or brought with us from previous and now forgotten past experiences.  Most of this is so much a part of us and our present, that we have grown up with it, blind to it and yet profoundly shaped how we are in the world and how we navigate it.

♦ Session 2: 

Healing wounds & conditioning from the Family – 30th June 8.00 pm BST – BOOK HERE

The holding environment of the family has a deep and abiding hold on us.  Whether we are trapped by it or are compelled to escape it, either way, it still has us in its grip.  The influences of the first woman (mother) and man (father) in our lives, are fundamental, as is the effect of siblings and where we stand in the order of things.

♦ Session 3: 

Healing wounds and conditioning from our Personal Past – 27th July 8.00 pm BST BOOK HERE

Finally, there are our own actions of body, speech and mind that, when we knew no better, we are ashamed of, or have feelings of guilty around them.  These haunt us and we carry them like baggage or a burden from the past, obstructing the light of the present.

Sacred Ground - A Metatronic Beginning

The Sacred Ground is an “Open to All” event and as such, it is a deeply healing weekend in and of itself. This event also serves as the Preliminary Class for those wishing to move forward to take Step Class  More About Sacred Ground

♦ Sacred Ground Class: OZ / NZ Timezone Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July 2022 – BOOK HERE

Times: AEST 4.00 pm – 8.30pm / ACST 3.30 pm  – 8.00 pm / NZST 6.00 – 10.30 pm / UK 7.00 am – 11.30 am BST

Teacher: Gill Goldfinch

Metatronic Life and Healing Pathway – Class Schedule

The upcoming steps on the Metatronic Pathway are listed below from Step One – The Foundation “Opening the Pathways” and progressing through the class pathway. Visual Map of the Metatronic Pathways Each step is listed in date order, along with their Metatronic teacher and location. To see full booking information and book a place – please click the class date link.

Step 1: Foundation ‘Opening the Pathways’

 28th – 30th October 2022, ONLINE – BOOK HERE  Teachers: Richard Farmer & Clare Glennon


The Awakening Stream 

Prerequisite: Foundation Opening the Pathways. View – Metatronic Pathways Map

9th (eve) to 13th November 2023, ONLINE (UK Timings) – BOOK HERE: Teachers: Richard Farmer with Clare Glennon


♦  18th (eve) to 22nd January 2023, ONLINE (USA Timings) BOOK HERE: Teachers: Richard Farmer with Clare Glennon

Step 2: Golden Alchemy Prerequisite – Foundation Opening the Pathways

Step 3: Ancestral Songlines  Prerequisite – Foundation Opening the Pathways


5th – 9th October 2022, ONLINE – BOOK HERE   Teachers: Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer

Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.

15th – 19th June 2022, ONLINE – BOOK HERE   Teachers: Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer

Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.

Step 5: Cosmic: Music of the Spheres 

Prerequisite: Crystal Radiance

Class Dates for 2023 coming soon 

Step 6: A Walk with the Masters

Prerequisite: Cosmic Music of the Spheres – next class dates 2023 – coming soon 

Step 7: The Vitruvian Bridge Step

Prerequisite: Masters

11th – 15th May 2022, ONLINE – BOOK HERE Teachers: Clare Glennon & Richard Farmer

Class times will accommodate both European & USA Timezones.

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