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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life Class - List Prices January 2024


All list prices include VAT

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The Metatronic Fundamentals Fees

Class Fee: £45.00 (4.5 hrs)


Metatronic Pathway Step Classes Fees

Step 1 – The Foundation: Opening The Pathways (3 days)

Online Class Fee: £365.00 


Step 2 Golden Alchemy (4 day class – prerequisite Step 1)

Online Class Fee: £485.00


Step 3  Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past (5 day class –  prerequisite Step 2)

Online Class Fee: £600.00


Step 4 Crystal Radiance (5 day class – prerequisite Step 3)

Online Class Fee: £600.00


Step 5  Cosmic: Music of the Spheres (5 day class – prerequisite Step 4)

Online Class Fee: £600.00


Step 6  Masters: A Walk with the Masters (6 days / Prerequisite Step 5)

Online Class Fee: £725.00


Step 7 Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge ( 4.2 day class – prerequisite Step 6)

Online Class Fee: £525.00


The Awakening Stream

The Awakening Stream (4 days) The Awakening Stream has a first time takers prerequisite of Step 1. For first time participants the class starts with a 2.5 hour evening which leads into the 4 day class attend this. 

Online Class Fee: £375.00


Metatronic Healing® Practitioner Training

Metatronic Healing® Training  Foundation Level (4-day online course incl. 2-weekend modules and course practice hours and submissions. Prerequisite Step 2)

Online Course Fee: £500.00


Metatronic Healing® Training Advanced Level  (4-day online course – Prerequisite Step 4 )

Online Course Fee: £500.00


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Annual Day 

Online Foundation Practitioners CPD Fee: £60.00

Online Advanced Practitioners CPD Fee: £60.00



Metatronic Healers Association Fee: £50.00 (per annum)


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