Welcome to Metatronic Life

Welcome to this website and the evolutionary pathway that is Metatronic Life and Metatronic Healing®.

Founded by Pippa Merivale in 2007 to aid your spiritual journey and wellbeing, it’s purpose is to empower you through its course pathway to feel and live from your Truest SelfBy engaging in this pathway, your health and wellbeing will also be supported to improve.

For those that wish it, through Metatronic Healing, there is now a pathway to becoming a Metatronic Practitioner.  For those who already are involved in healing, Metatronic Healing, can be a powerful addition to your healing art.

These courses are now given by two Metatronic Teachers, Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer.

It is a beautiful and powerful path, beyond words really and we look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes

The Metatronic Team