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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Metatronic Fundamental – Whole/Balanced Feminine – Sunday 9th June 2024

£45.00 (incl. VAT)

With: Richard Farmer & Clare Glennon

Date: Sunday 9th June 2024

Times:  2.00 pm – 6.30 pm BST UK,
USA 9.00 am – 1.30 pm US, EDT 6.00 am – 10.30 am US, PDT, 

Joining Fee: £45.00 

Online Live Event: Connect via Zoom tablet/laptop or computer online

An order confirmation email will confirm your place in this class. The full joining/connection details will be emailed from within a week of the class commencing – if you do not receive these, please contact Richard by email – Thank you.

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The Metatronic Fundamental of Whole/Balanced Feminine
In a patriarchal society, the feminine aspect is wounded in all of us.  For you and society to be natural and whole, this part of us needs to be healed and supported.

Metatron understands that a balanced Feminine has within it something of the Masculine so when the Attunement, (a re-tuning of the heart) and the Transmission of the Whole Feminine (an energetic healing gift woven into your heart) is given, both are brought into a healthy balance with itself and one for the other.  A true partnership.

In this class you will be introduced to the Metatronic Healing Pathway and be gifted the Whole Feminine Metatronic Attunement and Transmission. In addition there will be a healing based upon this aspect which you can receive lying down, bringing you deep rest and nourishment.

This class is a stand- alone healing event. It also serves as a wholesome preparation for the Metatronic Pathway Step 1 class ‘The Foundation Opening the Healing Pathways’ The next Step 1 class is held Online this 20th – 22nd September ’24

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