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Foundation Practitioner – Course Details

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Metatronic Healing® Foundation Practitioner Course

The aim of the course is to empower you to use the healing energies you have received.

We understand that not all students want to become professional healers immediately, nor do they want to go public on the website.

We understand that if you are at the beginning of your sharing journey, you may not be ready to charge formal fees.

We understand some students want to begin to share Metatronic Healing outside a few close friends and family and who want to be more clear about how to do so.  It includes how to talk about Metatronic Healing and Metatron, not an easy thing to do!

We understand there are students of Metatronic Healing who either are already healers in other modalities or, who are ready to take that formal step into professional practice.

These three days meet these different and diverse needs so that when you leave at the end of the course, you will be confident to take the step you use at the level you wish to take it.

There is also the Practitioners ‘Attunement and Transmission’ to overlight and support your path and the process.

What is cover in the Foundation Practitioners Course?

Each course tailors to the needs of the participants; however, it will include variations on the following:

  • How to talk about Metatron and Metatronic Healing
  • Using the basics of Intention use Metatronic Healing
  • Bridging with Metatronic Healing
  • Using the 3 step Protocol and adding healing energies in a session
  • Using the “Lifting the Story” Protocol in a session
  • Using Sacred Sequencing in a session
  • Understanding what makes Metatronic Healing unique
  • Practical information about what to charge
  • How to use the publicity material available
  • The Metatronic Healing Practitioner Attunement and Transmission 

A word about becoming a Metatronic Healing Teacher.

This question does arise from some students from time to time so to clarify this here.

Unlike some healing traditions, it might be helpful to outline that there is no specific accredited training to becoming a Metatronic Healing teacher. It is a very specialised path and requires specific dedicated focus. There are currently just three full-fledged Metatronic Healing teachers worldwide, and four Apprentice Teachers 

So what is required?

  • First and foremost, a deep resonance with Metatron coupled with the innate qualities and energetic capacity required to hold and facilitate the Metatronic Healing courses.
  • Developing a mature understanding of the transformative nature of awakening that Metatronic Healing represents.
  • A natural support of this healing and awakening path and the organisation of Metatronic Life, to enable and promote the Metatronic Healing courses.
  • If the above are met, then continued development of energy system, personal growth and shadowing of teachers in apprenticeship are natural stages in this process until the Founder and the core Metatronic Healing Teachers feel you are ripe to take the teacher Attunement and Transmission and the mantle of this path.