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Register Your Interest

To register your interest:

To register your interest in the Metatronic Pathway, please email office@metatronic-life.com and we will add you to the database and contact you with the latest opportunities to take the Metatronic Pathway Steps.

The kind of opportunities and events that are open to you if you have not taken anything with us before are offered in a few different forms 

Both Clare, Richard, Gill and Deb offer Meatronic Healing evenings which are open to all and are a great way to get a taste of the Metatronic energies.

We also offer introductory days where you can experience a group healing and recieve the Metatronic attunements and transmissions of the Divine Masculine and Feminine templates.  This is a simple way to bring healing and balance to youm and in addition get a taste of the Metatronic Pathway and to meet Metatronic Teachers  personally.

Finally, there is Step 1 – Opening the Healing Pathways.  So if you do not see a date that works for you on the Schedule Page, let us know you are interested by emailing office@metatronic-life.com and we will contact you when the new dates go up or are added to the schedule

The other option is that should have enough people who are interested in an area where you live, we will arrange to come and give either Step 1 – Opening the Healing Pathways or an Introductory Day Experience.  

Just get in touch and we will see what is possible given our diaries and commitments.  We like to say yes!

Thank you so much

The Metatronic Team