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Check out this podcast – Pippa in conversation with Steve Nobel on Conscious Media – is a great friend of Metatronic Healing, and here, in warm and compelling conversation with Pippa, he asks her to share core information about where the system has come from, what it is and how it continues to unfold. This is a friendly introduction for newcomers as well as a great re-affirmation for anyone already familiar with the Metatronic Path. Thank you Steve! Please enjoy it, all of you – and share with your friends.

We’re at a turning point in our history, as our extraordinary, universal journey of spiritual liberation intensifies and deepens. Whilst the source of Metatronic Healing is timeless, a new age requires a new approach, and this gentle, powerful method is that new approach to healing and spiritual transformation. It has arisen in response to willing and generous overtures from Spirit, urging us to live creatively in the new reality which calls us all.

Metatronic Healing is a path to health, a light that guides, a training for those who wish to serve by offering healing and a path of deep spiritual transformation. It reveals the divinity which is obscured in all of us by the many layers built up in a lifetime of living, bringing this about by dissolving these layers and amplifying our core goodness, lighting the way so our true potential comes to life.

Our passion and our promise at Metatronic Life is to partner with the Energies of Divine Love, dissolving whatever has kept us in fear and separation, and awakening the intelligence of the heart centre, that most potent energy station and the GPS that guides us home. “Yoga of the New Age”..