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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Raina Nahar

About Raina Nahar 

From a very early age, Raina had a deep interest in spiritual healing, hands-on healing, and distant healing in both Eastern and Western traditions. She has been a yoga teacher, both a one-on-one and in group context in London, as well as practicing aromatherapy and various healing modalities. 

In more recent years, she is offering sessions as complementary healing support to Haematology and Oncology patients at a Bristol Hospital particularly focusing on babies, teenagers and young adults but to families and the staff as well.

Her broad interest in healing and spirituality led her to Metatronic Healing in 2016. She experienced a deep recognition in Step 1 ‘Foundation Opening the Pathways’ and she continued to explore this path to deepen this connection and learning.

Now as Metatronic Life and Healing Teacher of Steps One and Two. Raina brings her wealth of experience, gentle calm and heartfelt presence to Metatronics. 

Raina offers In-person and distant healing sessions, Metatronic Group Healings in both London and Birmingham areas. If you are interested in attending these or an In-Person Class please do get in touch with Raina, she would love to hear from you. 


To Contact Raina


M: 07906 1742