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Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Code of Ethics

Registered Metatronic Healing® Practitioners abide by the Metatronic Healers Association Code of Ethics as follows:


  • All practice is to be carried out with  good moral boundaries, integrity and professionalism.
  • All communication with clients is to be made in compassion and truth.
  • Client confidentiality is be maintained at all times.
  • At no time are clients to be given: a) medical diagnosis, b) advice about medical treatment or c) guarantees about the outcome of sessions.
  • Practitioners are not to work with clients while under the influence of alcohol or recreational and non-prescription drugs.
  • Practitioners are not to work with clients while they are suffering from an infectious disease.
  • The ethical, religious and political beliefs of clients and colleagues are to be respected.
  • No child shall be treated or instructed unless the parent or legal guardian is present.
  • Practitioners shall not engage in improper or illegal conduct with a client, nor tolerate sexual advances or other inappropriate behaviour from a client.
  • Advertisements for services are to be truthful and contain no exaggerated claims.
  • Practitioners are advised to keep records of client sessions in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Fees for services are to be fair and reasonable.
  • Practitioners are to accept responsibility for informing themselves of local bylaws and regulations pertaining to energy healing, including but not limited to: any laws restricting the use of energy healing, any requirements or licences needed for practising healing in a home or any other facility, any laws or regulations regarding insurances etc.

Metatronic Healing® is the registered trademark of its founder, Philippa Merivale. All rights are reserved.