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How can I deepen my Metatronic Path and access the Frequencies with intention?

How can I deepen my Metatronic Path and access the Frequencies with intention?

If you were to come and visit with me in my home or if, somehow, you could be with me first thing in the morning, you would find me sitting with a pot of tea at my feet and a mug of tea cupped in both of my hands.  This is how I start my day and this is where I start my conscious daily connection with Metatron.

Recently, as I sit, I have been receiving some guidance and insight on the Metatronic Pathway and especially on how to deepen our connection with Metatron.  We are all Metatronic Students, whether we are Metatronic Practitioners or someone wanting spiritual support and nourishment.  We are all into deepening the Metatronic Life but is there a simple way we can do this, a simple meditation or practice?  This question is especially true when you are just finding your way at the beginning of the Pathway, and it is also true when you are reaching the end of the Pathway, with over 70 or 80 frequencies to utilise.

A brief overview – the Metatronic Pathway is comprised of seven Metatronic Steps:

  1. Opening the Healing Pathways – heals the disconnection from the divine
  2. Golden Alchemy – heals the disconnection from Life
  3. Ancestral Songlines – heals the past, family and personal conditioning
  4. Crystal Radiance – heals the deep emotional wounds
  5. Music of the Spheres – heals the mental positioning or storyline we have of ourselves
  6. A Walk with the Masters – gives and affirms our path to Divine Embodiment
  7. The Vitruvian Bridge – bridges us from here to eternity or Divine Mystery

As I see it, the first two courses and the last two courses have a different feel to them, they are more about our path to awakening and embodiment, with the middle courses clearing the way for that.

  • The first two give us the foundation, connection and strength, to engage in deep healing.
  • The last two then give us the way.  You might say the Yang and the Yin of the Divine, or the Creative and the Receptive of it. (More of these last two at another time)

The Foundation for a Metatronic Practice for the committed Metatronic Student all the courses are important for the development of a Metatronic Life – to live from one’s true nature.  Over the years that I have been sitting with Metatron, as a student, a Metatronic Healer and a Teacher of Metatronic Healing, whist I have all the other energy tools at my fingertips, it is the First Sacred Sequence from the Foundation Course – Opening the Healing Pathways that I come back to again and again.  And it is this sequence that Metatron has been opening up for me.  It is my Metatronic Practice.   It answers the need that we all have to be more peaceful, more knowing, less stressful and chaotic.

This First Sacred Sequence gives us a map of essential Metatronic reconnection.  As the first step, it underpins all the others and provides the fundamental building blocks upon which Metatronic Life is possible.  It plugs us back in.  It soothes the chaos of the night or the day before and clears the way for this new day.

Using Intention to do this – to engage with this First Sacred Sequence, we must first know how to access it.  We do this by using our intention.  What is this?  Intention is not thinking something, which is more head orientated, but it is our knowing, which is more wisdom/heart orientated.  The thinking of something comes because of the knowing of it.  In fact, some studies have been done which prove that long before we actually think about doing something, there are responses in the body/mind that are already underway.  This is knowing.

If you want to fill a bucket with water, you go to the tap and turn it on.  You know that’s what you want to do, so you go there and do it.  You can even go off somewhere else, as long as you keep your knowing of what you are doing alive.  If you lose this knowing, you forget to come back and the bucket overflows, but if you stay in touch with your knowing, you come back in time to turn the tap off.

Imagine instead of a tap that responds to your touch, the tap responds to your knowing.  As long as you keep your knowing on it, it flows.  If you lose your knowing, it stops.  If you try to use your thought, or squeeze it too hard with control or force, it stops.  It just flows when that knowing is present.

Accessing this First Sacred Sequence is like that.  It is the same.  You know you want to access the First Sacred Sequence, that’s your knowing.   The tap is your heart, or where ever you feel you have access to that energy.  You naturally go to the tap of the energy, and it flows.  It is you who knows you want water and it is Metatron that knows how much and in what quantity.  It’s not the bucket that decides how much to receive.  All we need is to be receptive to it.  And to be still.  If you move the bucket the water spills.

So simply turn on the knowing and be receptive, be present to it.  Allow it to simply touch you for as long or as little as the wisdom of Metatron allows.  Sometimes that is enough and sometimes I follow the sequence of the attunements, starting with the forehead and Cool Fire and then let myself experience them till I finish with Violet at the Crown.  Then it’s done.  This can take a moment or it can take 20 minutes or so.  It’s flexible.  It’s simple.

What does this First Sacred Sequence Invite?  When our system is frozen or does not flow, the stories, wounds and reactivity move in and take up residence.  If I give myself this First Sacred Sequence, a flow is encouraged in the system and instead of wounding, there is remembering, instead of reactivity, there is peacefulness and instead of story, there is presence.   Why?  Because the seven aspects of this First Sacred Sequence are the seven aspects of Metatron.  So, by following the sequence you are being touched by seven aspects of this divine intelligence.  This is keeping the system peaceful, supported, grounded, clear, hearted, flowing and connected to truth.  It’s awesome.

It is the same when I have undertaken a new Metatronic Course, whilst my system and I are integrating, this sequence keeps me grounded and connected, it helps the new energies and the blocks they have shifted to settle in.

I have also noticed that as I go deeper on the Metatronic Pathway, my understanding of the First Sacred Sequence deepens and so does my connection with Metatron and that part in me that is one with that, my true nature.  This makes it easier and easier to let go of misguided ideas of what it is, and rest in reality.

So, when I sit in the morning I keep myself in touch.  I keep myself in divine flow.  I am nourished, touched and sometimes inspired!  Why don’t you join me?  And if you do and want to ask questions please do get in touch, I am happy to help you.

I plan to explore this more in my monthly meetings, at the Practitioner meetings.  I want to explore this too in the new Foundation Classes, helping to make sense, for those at the beginning, of how to use this for themselves.  In fact, in the future, for all of us, we have plans to start with a Metatronic Retreat Day focusing on supporting you in your Metatronic Life.  Look out for it.

Richard Farmer