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Metatronic Healing Needs You

Metatronic Healing Needs You

Sometimes I have the feeling that Metatronic Healing is full of closet healers!  When we gather on our retreat days in Bristol, or on courses, the number of times people say to me that they can’t share what they know or talk about Metatronic Healing for fear of being thought weird, is significant.

Many years ago, when I was at the beginning of my journey teaching Tai Chi, it was the same.  People wouldn’t know what it was or thought it weird.  I would avoid letting people know what I practised or did for a living because they didn’t know what to do about it.  But now, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Meditation, Spiritual Wellbeing is well recognised, accepted and even mainstream!

Becoming mainstream meant that someone had to come forward and own up and explain why these things work and are important.  In order to teach and shar,e I had to get over myself and find ways of talking about it that met who we were talking to.  Gradually society takes it on not just because we keep putting it in their face as it were but because what we are talking about is true and from a place of truth and personal experience.

My feeling is that we are in the same place now with making known this timeless and new connection between the Divine world and this Earthly plane.  It was said to me 20 years ago by a “source” that this was the next movement for the planet and the people on it.  Little did I know then that I would be at the forefront of this by being a teacher of Metatronic Healing, bringing this awesome ability to bridge directly with that face of the divine we call Metatron.

To give you a radical example of how things are moving in me and in the world, I was in Birmingham airport on my way to teach with Clare in Ireland and there was a full-scale security alert on.  Armed police were everywhere, in twos and small groups severely scanning all who passed.  One of them caught my eye and approached me with his partner, asking me to stop and answer some questions.  They were both tall, heavily armed, deadly serious and quite intimidating.  Various scenarios went through my head about what they were going to ask me and how that would play out.  “Excuse me sir, but why are you in Birmingham Airport today?  I thought about it…………….” I am on my way to Dublin to teach a course” “And what kind, of course, is that sir?”  “A healing course from an archangel,” I said

Well, I was ready for it now………but he said, “wow that’s interesting” and we proceeded to have a brief chat about Metatron, Metatronic Healing and Meditation, carefully watched by his partner.  That encounter did a lot for me, as my preconception was that I would be arrested for being armed and dangerous in possession of an archangel!  But no.  It was accepted, it brightened my day and probably his too and the world was a much happier place even in that bizarre and tense situation.

Just like the past, I sense we are at a point when it is necessary to step forward in some way to help make the connection, to help evolution.  We want you to consider where you hide the light of this awesome healing and spiritual tool?  And if you hear this request, how can you, where can you, step forward in some way and share it?

Some people are afraid of using the word Metatron.  But remember Metatron is not a name but a description of a function.  Metta = more than, greater than, Tron = Form or Structure.  Metatron means that which is greater, beyond form or structure.  That which represents the place which connects Form with that which is greater than, beyond Form.  So, you can talk about a healing energy that comes from Source which brings space to that which is dense. You can talk about an energy which undoes tension with softness. Who doesn’t need to be lighter, freer, more clear or spacious?

In my experience, when I talk about “Lifting the Story” and what that means, most people understand this as it is a common human experience.  We have all at times defined ourselves by someone else’s negative view of us, perhaps when we were small, and they believed them and lived our life around it.  To be able to give someone the gift of becoming freer of this is beautiful.

Then there is the fear of offering a healing touch, of volunteering to help another, for fear of it not working somehow or of being unable to do it, or they won’t feel it, or like it.  Healing touch has been around since the beginning of time.  Nursing was based around this originally.  Just being with another human in their suffering, giving a loving touch.  It starts, with not performance anxiety, but compassion for ourselves and our fellow human beings.  We all suffer the same doubts.  We all have the same anxieties.  If you take a little time to talk to someone about their life, you will find plenty that needs your skill, to soothe, heal and reassure.

In addition, as you do this, Metatron, that great divine intelligence, will come through you.  All you have to do is two things.  To extend your hand to another and to ask Metatron to help through you.  To give the gift of your heart and your touch and your connection.  It doesn’t have to be a formal healing, just an act of love.

We can talk about the courses and the gift of healing touch as the gift of retuning back from our history and the story of our wounds, to aa place that is before that.  To come back to the beginning of ourselves free of the past.  The past is made transparent so that we can shine through.  Without this, we are covered by layers of doubt and fear and hurt, but with this, they become wounds that let the light through.  They become our sacred wounds.

If we share with others what touches us about Metatronic Healing, or the experience of being touched by source, it not only informs people of what’s possible but inspires them to follow on as they begin to see the positive changes in you.  This path is made for sharing!

Finally, my sense is that a lot of us have had experiences in the past that led us to understand that this must be kept hidden or secret.  That was true then, and maybe again, but my feeling is, now, is the time to stand up for the light.  The light that touches us and the light that is as yet dormant in each one of us.

The trick, if there is such a thing, is to speak from the heart, from our experience and simply find a way of talking that allows the other to meet us where we are.  To offer to help.  To offer to help them de-stress from the rigours of modern life.  Start there where they are.  You don’t have to tell them the whole picture, that would be too much, but to show them, to let them feel a wave of softness.  To let them breathe in safety.

So, the new wave of reality coming now needs you, yes you, to stand up and share what you know touches you.  You can even say, I don’t know really what it is, but what I do know is that it helps.  I do know the truth of this touch.  For me, it was my direct sense of the presence of Metatron in my heart, that persuaded me.  Not who I thought Metatron was or wasn’t.  Not what someone else told me it was.  Or the pressure of what I should be feeling.  Talk of pearlescent white energy etc. But that gentle, powerful, direct connection, subtle but there didn’t really do it for me.  But when I listened to that beautiful, gossamer thread of light, gently caressing my heart and my knowing, I understood and knew this was real and something I wanted more of.  We all do.  Even that human being dressed up as an anti-terrorist policeman doing his job keeping us safe.  Angels come in surprising packages.

So, listen for the opening.  Watch for the invitation.  Metatron Needs You!  If not, now when? And, it would be great if you let us know your stories and miracles that come out of this invitation.


Richard Farmer