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Who and What is Metatron Really?

Who and What is Metatron Really?

In this article I want to explore some issues which have come up in the process of giving talks about Metatron and Metatronic Healing and the giving of Metatronic Classes.  The issues are around the languaging in Metatronic Healing and its effect on potential students. This could be quite a “thick” article, so be forewarned.  However, I will try to use as simple a language as I can.  It is tricky territory but do come with me as I try to describe something not using normal stereotypes of gender and cultural images and hierarchies.  It just might help you understand Metatron and Metatronic Healing in a different way.

To give an example, when I had a class of students who were not from a Christian cultural background I was aware of how the language used did not fit their cultural model, it was something they had to get around before they could hear what I was offering.

Another was when giving healing or courses to women who have been abused in different ways by men.  For them to allow a masculine presence into them, to help heal the abuse, was not something easily accepted.  Again, a big internal movement was needed before they could receive help.

As a Metatronic Teacher, and you as Metatronic Students, we want to be able to communicate with people in a language that makes what we have to say acceptable, or at least heard without getting their backs up and so creating a block to what we are trying to communicate.  So, if I use the word Angel or Archangel, if you do not recognize that reality, you immediately close off.  If I use He and you are a She, that separates you.  Now for some people, this is not an issue, and the journey round these can be part of the healing and sometimes a necessary part of the deepening of understanding.  But there are whole sections of the public who are excluded or at the very least, saying yes is made more difficult by this way of languaging.

As part of my journey as a student and especially when I was thinking about accepting the offer to be a Teacher, I felt I needed something more direct from “Metatron”.  In a meditation, whilst sitting with Metatron, I asked that I be shown the reality of this presence.  (You see there I could have used, “I asked that he.”) What flooded me was a profound sense of deep and infinite simplicity.  This was so not what I was expecting, that I knew it was real.  It didn’t have a gender, nor an image, it wasn’t a person, or even a being, or an angel or archangel, instead, it was a felt reality beyond those stereotypes.

Later, as part of an ongoing conversation with the translator I use in Switzerland, Richelle Dessin, she asked what was Metatron’s name before Metatron?  She talked about this name coming from a Kabbalistic tradition, but what was there before this tradition.  So, I sat with Metatron and asked, “What is your true name”?  What came out of the ethers was not a name but a sound, well, series of sounds, like a chord.  Something beyond a deep note that held it all, then with a fine and high note so high I couldn’t hear it but knew it was there, and finally something like a lyrical melody flowing between these two.  Actually, it sounded like Metatron in a way but before words were put to it.  Sanskrit, for example, is a vibratory language, the name for cup is the sound of the vibration of cup, if you see what I mean.  It’s not a description of cup.  So this unworded name of this source was Metatron but before the word of it.  It helped.

Metatron is not a name like Mary or Bill, it is a combination of two words, Meta and Tron.  Tron = a suffix denoting an instrument, Meta = denoting position – beyond.  Beyond an Instrument, an Instrument that is beyond.  It’s like calling Metatron, Meta/Tron or Yin/Yang or Receptive/Creative or Mystery/Form.  It’s not the name of a person, or even a being but of a function.  It represents what Metatron is.

If you look past your human gender to your source, to your essence, not your body’s essence but the essence of your spirit, you will see that you are neither male nor female, you IS.  When we begin to get past the outer what we see is beyond form and gender.

So Metatron is not a name, nor is Metatron a particular gender, but a function.  All things have their pattern.  All things grow following their pattern, a leaf on a tree, a baby in the womb, a snowflake, all things have their pattern.  When the great mystery becomes form, it requires a pattern for light to form around.  The intelligence that is responsible, the knowing that creates this is The Metatron.  The Metatron has one foot in form and one in mystery.  The Metatron, like a rainbow, unites these two and out of these two come the many.  Or as they say in Taoism, out of the Tao comes the 10,000 things.

It is because Metatron is before all “things” and is the knowing that the pattern forms through, it is because of this, that the healing that comes from this source, is so powerful.  Because The Metatron is there before we became, the template of our wholeness is known, even as that wholeness is distorted by conditioning, Karma and the wounding that comes with life.  Because the wholeness is known, that knowing can hold, support and embrace the wound, so that it can be integrated and released, if necessary.

Aside from Mystery, or the Divine, or Oneness itself, potentially there is nothing more connected to the Source than The Metatron, that place of mystery’s intelligence or knowing that creates the form out of which all things come and to which all things return.

How amazing that we have the awesome good fortune to be able to connect directly with this presence.  To lift the words off this page with the direct knowing through the Pathway that is Metatronic Healing.  The path of spiritual evolution, in a pathway of seven easy steps that leads us to the unwinding of the distortions of our template, of our pattern.

Simply, when we are born we have two patterns, our original template and the patterning of our history and wounding.  Metatronic Healing allows the remembering of our true template our original shape or pattern and the lifting of the distortion that hides that template, that original shape.  In that clarity, the light of Oneness shines and that is what we have come to do.  Through this, that is what we are doing – amazing!!!!

No doubt I will fall into old habits of talking about Metatron.  And yet there is a beauty in talking of Angels and Archangels.  Of dimensions of being.  Of light becoming.  Of wings that hold and hearts that love us to wellness.  Of an intelligence that gets us beyond our own judgements.  For me personally this is not a problem, I have moved through this doubt, and now with direct experience, to the knowing of the Presence of the Divine in me, and all things, on a good day!!!!  And yet we want to be as clear a channel as we can so that the beauty and wisdom that is in this path can be heard by the many, not the few.  YES!

Feel free to join the conversation and share your experiences with us.  Take this article and talk about it with your fellow students, develop through that conversation a deeper understanding of this awesome path  And be able more clearly to talk without getting in the way of it, to others – thank you for that.


Richard Farmer