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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Abiding in Divine Presence – A Metatronic Gathering, USA 2024

If you have taken Step 1 – the Foundation, or more, we invite you to gather with us, and a selected band of Archangels, to sit, deepen and heal, in their Divine Presence.  

This is the first of two in person Metatronic Gatherings, that we will be our opportunity to meet you in person every two years (2024 & 2026)


This will take place at The Centre at Belvedere, Charlottesville, VA USA where we have booked space for the Gathering.  Along with plenty of time for breaks there will be longer meal breaks to allow time to find what suits you and connect with your fellow participants.

For the 2024 Transmissions, Metatron has selected six Archangels:

Raphael – Archangel of Healing

Gabriel – Archangel of Communication

Raguel – Archangel of Insight & Wisdom

Jeremiel – Archangel of Joy & Clarity

Michael – Archangel of Divine Support & Power

Barachiel – Archangel of Divine Blessing

For the attunements, each archangel will come to rest in your spine for the duration of the transmission and will attune all of your energy centers to its own frequency, linking you to its presence and gifts.  Abiding in Divine Presence.  Each of these Transmissions and Attunements brings the gift of their archangelic quality and presence, as well as the gifts for healing in their Sacred Sequence or as an Archangelic Metatronic Chord.

Having given this for the first time this year in the UK, what unfolded far exceeded what we thought would happen and their effects have been deep and far-reaching, touching all aspects of the Metatronic inner work within us.  We are very excited to be offering this to you and we encourage you to attend. 

In addition to the energetic gifts, is the gift of meeting together, of sharing, of connecting, and taking time to meet, not only with us, Clare and Richard, but also each other.  To embody the Metatronic Community that has built up online.  We have booked the room both for the day, and evening, to ensure that we have enough time to be together both formally and informally.

The venue is within easy reach of the historic center of Charlottesville, and roughly 2 miles from the University of Virginia with ample parking. It is modern, spacious with inside and outside sitting areas for the breaks. The weather at that time of the year will be very agreeable, being not too hot nor cool. Students will need to secure their own accommodation and there are a wide variety of options available from Airbnb’s to hotels to suit all budgets.  Getting there by plane you fly into Washington and or, Charlottesville Airport (CHO) or by car. More details below.

It is an amazing opportunity, and the Archangelic connection is truly sublime and we do encourage you to come and share with us this experience.  If you need to ask us anything, now is the time.  We do realise the challenges of coming to a physical location, both in terms of time and the financial commitment, especially after the easefulness of being online.  If we can help you say yes in any way, then do let us know.  We are aware that for a lot of you this gathering is an extra expense, so we would like to offer you a 20% discount on your next class as a welcome and thank you for coming.

The fees for this Gathering are held at the USA standard daily fee rate for a Metatronic Life & Healing rate we used in 2018.  For the booking, the sooner you can book, the better it helps us with our planning, so if it’s possible, please do so as soon as you can – thank you.  Details below

Best wishes and love to you

Richard & Clare 

The Details

Open To:  All students who have completed Step 1 – The Foundation onwards

When: Saturday 13th to Monday 15th April 2024 9.30am start finishing approx. 6.30 pm

Where: The Centre at Belvedere, Charlottesville, VA USA

Booking: Fee is £450 GBP To secure your place with a deposit of £90 

The balance payment of £360 is due 14 days before the class commences 

Further Accommodation & Travel Information

At if you book a hotel through this and need a car, car rental on is discounted.


Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (CHO) non-stop flights from New York City, (LGA), Philadelphia, Atlanta, Charlotte, NC, and Washington, D.C. (Dulles)

American Eagle, Delta, and United Express all serve CHO


Also Richmond International Airport is only 90 minutes away and is often substantially cheaper than flying directly into Charlotteville (CHO). 


Charlottesville Union Station CVS Station Code, 810 W. Main Street

Amtrak trains: Cardinal, Crescent and NE Regional Passenger


Greyhound serves the city. Many routes have transfers and take anywhere from 10 to 14 hours. Direct routes take 8 to 9 hours. Google for the latest information. There is no bus station, just designated bus stops.

Car Rental:

See in accommodation

Car rentals at the airport include Avis, Budget, Hertz and National.

If coming from a distance and cannot get a non-stop flight, you can fly into Washington, D.C. and rent a car there, and it is a 2-hour drive to C’ville, which is probably less time than a potential layover to get a flight from D.C to C’ville if planning to rent a car anyway.

There are ample parking spaces at the venue.