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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Thursday 30th May: 8.00 pm UK, BST, 9.00pm CEST 3.00 pm US EDT, 12.00 noon PDT 

To join click on this Zoom link:

Or  join using Zoom ID: 836 7641 4253

In the session, Richards talk will be 30 mins thereabouts, then time for questions so approx. 70 duration. 

This is a series of talks about what Metatronic Life & Healing is, what is offers and how it can help you.

We have begun our Metatronic Fundamentals Classes which are the introductory experience for Metatronic Life & Healing Classes.  So we thought it was time to give a free talk, open to all, on what they are, who they are for, and how they fit into the Metatronic Structure.

If you are interested in Metatronic Life & Healing or have attended any of our online healing events, then this is a free opportunity to listen and ask any questions you may have about this path – an amazing opportunity!

Richard will bring his experience, humour and ability to talk about something mysterious and complex in a simple and easily understood manner. 

All are welcome.  Anyone can attend this talk if they are interested in the Metatronic Pathway process.  If you are interested Metatronic Life & Healing, then this is a great way to touch base with it and ask anything that you wish about the process.  If you are not a student of this path but are interested in the process, you too are welcome.

About Repeating A Metatronic Fundamental Class 

If you have taken the Sacred Ground already, or A Fundamantal and wish to take a repeat class (participants often do to deepen the Fundamental aspect for themselves, and receive the healing benefits) You are eligible for a repeaters coupon code to apply. Please email Clare: clare@metatronic-life to request your repeat coupon code.