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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Senior Metatronic Teacher, Richard Farmer, talking about
The Metatronic Pathway, the Seven Metatronic Steps or Classes and how they allow you to learn and engage in the Metatronic Life & Healing Journey.

Tuesday 10th October: 8.00 pm UK, BST, 3.00 pm US EDT, 12.00 noon PDT 

To join click on this Zoom link:

Or  join using Zoom ID: 850 9217 4505

In the session Richards talk will be 30 mins maybe a bit more, then time for questions so will will last approx. 70 minutes

In this series of talks about what Metatronic Life & Healing is, what is offers and how it can help you.

This talk will outline the amazing intelligence in the series of classes and Metatronic Steps outlined as Metatrons personal pathway for humanity.  It will explain where you need to begin and why and then outline the whole series of Seven Metatronic Steps that leads you to the fullness of not only your humanity but your Divinity too.

Richard will bring his experience, humour and ability to talk about something mysterious and complex, in a simple and easily understood way. 

All are welcome.  Anyone can attend this talk if they are interested in the Metatronic Pathway process.  If you are interested Metatronic Life & Healing, then this is a great way to touch base with it and ask anything that you wish about the process.  If you are not a student of this path but are interested in the process, you too are welcome.