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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life
The Metatronic Online Experience

Current Classes:

How are Online Classes delivered?

We have been using the Zoom platform for nearly three years now and find it very good for this work. We recommend that you download the free app which simply requires your email to register and then it’s easy to connect with a Meeting ID Number which we give you when you register for a class.

Mindful of the potential effects of a lot of screen time – Metatronic Teachers Clare and Richard have adapted how the classes are offered which gives a lot of off-screen time whilst you receive the gifts of the Transmissions and Attunements and group healings.

These are often taken sitting comfortably or lying down with the teachers connecting by audio-only whilst you relax into them.

We do advise you not to connect via a smartphone unless you have to as the screen is so small it hinders you from having a more direct and personal experience with the teachers and your classmates. For this reason, we do recommend you use a device with a big a screen as possible, if you have a choice. If your internet speed is slow, make sure your other devices are offline or other people using the net are not so that your signal is as strong as it can be.

Same with the audio, headphones or earphones are good if you do not have a good pair of speakers on your system.

It might be a good idea to try it out with a friend beforehand so you have the most and best listening and visual experience.

Like the in-person class, there are suitable breaks for integration after the energetic sessions.

Online Class Etiquette

The Zoom Platform
For those new to online technology?
What is the Online Preparation required to take further Metatronic Classes?

If you have never taken a Metatronic Pathways Class before; the first step is to take online the “Sacred Ground – a Metatronic Beginning”

Details Here: Class and Booking details for Sacred Ground.

After completing this, you may attend either an In-Person: Step One – The Foundation “Opening the Pathways” Class or the Online: Step One – The Foundation “Opening the Pathways” Class.

If you have already taken an In-Person Metatronic Introductory Day, you may take an online Step One – the Foundation or an in-person Step One – the Foundation Class. 

For Metatronic students who want to take Step 2 Golden Alchemy and other Metatronic Steps:

Once you have started your Metatronic journey, you may take the next in-person or online Metatronic Class that is next for you.  All Classes have to be taken sequentially; you may not miss out a Metatronic Step.

We do hope that’s clear for you any questions don’t hesitate to contact or talk to Richard or Clare

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