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Metatronic Healing, a journey in reclaiming the sacred in relationship

Metatronic Healing, a journey in reclaiming the sacred in a relationship

Metatronic Life is the relationship with Archangel Metatron, through the connection that the Metatronic Pathway brings.  It means that with this journey and connection we can bring our true self to live our lives and not the wounded, reactive, or karmic self if you like.  The part of us that is “already that which we seek”.

When people think, or hear of Metatronic Healing, or any healing art, they automatically think about recovery from illness or physical wounds, or strains and breaks.  They think about feeling better or happier, of having a pleasurable de-stress session, having some time out, or a pampering session with Metatronic Healing.  And why not!!!  And, there is another side, another focus for Metatronic Healing that I want to explore in this article.

Metatronic Healing, through the courses and the healing tools which come with those courses, is a path of spiritual transformation.  It is a path which allows the covering that hides our light, to become more transparent, or so transparent, that the light that it hides shines through.  That light is your true nature, your divine nature, that part which decided to take on this darkness in order to heal it for yourself and for your family or line, for the world even.

Relationship is a huge part of life.  So to heal this is to heal a lot of our life.  If we are operating from our damaged or wounded experience of relationships, then through the defensiveness and through the reactivity, that damaged part continues to be enacted and reinforced.

Of course, “Relationship” is such a huge subject and so toxic and intimate or close to us, that we can shy away from working with it.  It seems so big or too much that we put it aside to another time which never comes.

So, first of all, I want to give you a focus to simplify it.  There are only four types of relationship:

  • The one with the first woman, our mother, which defines all our relationships with the feminine.
  • The one with the first man in our lives, our father, which defines all the relationships with the masculine.
  • The one with the Divine and how we are taught about that which then defines our relationship with mystery.
  • The one with self and how we are taught about ourselves which then defines who we are and how we are in the world.

What we learn from the imperfect first woman and man defines our relationship with others.  Out of this, we are given a distorted view of who we are.  And from these, we form a distorted relationship with the Divine as out there and other if we form it at all.

The journey with the Metatronic Pathway gives us a variety of healing tools and a deep and direct connection with that interactive representative of the Divine that is Metatron, the angel of the divine’s presence.  And of these tools, the tool that allows us to “Lift unconscious story stored in the cellular memory of the body” is the most important of all.  It is this tool that lifts the story, belief or wound that shadows our light, enabling it to become transparent.

In this light, in this jewel of the Divine within us are the four aspects of the Feminine, Masculine, Mystery and Self.  So instead of relating to the distorted human version of these four aspects, we can instead listen and own the Divine aspect of them within us.

What does this mean?  It means instead of seeking my mother in every woman I meet, I can become my own mother and learn to give myself that close holding.  It means instead of seeing my father in every man I meet, I can become my own father and learn to give myself my own approval.  It means instead of handing myself over to a higher external power or following rules set by another, I can learn to listen to my own truth and wisdom.  It means instead of believing that part of me that is separate and egotistical or who I am told I am, I can feel the truth of my being and my individual aspect of the One.

In short, I become my own mother, my own father.  I sense the Divine in me and I am in service to that with actions of body speech and mind.  I become the Divine in Form.  I become Christed if you like.  Meaning that the Human and the Divine Aspect come together in a true human being, whole, complete, one, at peace and an instrument for Life.  This is sacred relationship.

The gift of the steps on the pathway is not only what they release in us as we go through them, but the healing tools that the process gives us.  They are meant to be used otherwise they would not be given.  So, use them to Lift the Story, the wound around father or mother or being caught by our own negative self-talk, or Lift the wound that separates us from the Divine.

One of the things Pippa has said to me and which I have found to be true in my life is that it is not always possible to heal ourselves from some of these more intimate stories.  We are just too close.  It is also true that whilst we know it’s a good idea, there is always something else to do, for we are also invested in some of these positions or beliefs.  So, it is much easier and more efficient to get the help of a Metatronic Practitioner to help us free ourselves.

If you choose to do it yourself you can choose which one of these four are the most potent for you, or ripe to be healed and then approach it with your Metatronic tools.  Sometimes one “lift” is enough and other times it needs a series of sessions and one Story is linked to other stories.  Releasing can be quite energy-consuming so it is good to give yourself the sacred sequence of Golden Alchemy.  Take the time you need.  Take time out to integrate and then come back for another round.  There is no rush, but this is the work you have come to do and now is the time, so don’t delay.  If you get stuck or feel it would be more efficient, or easier, then contact your Metatronic Practitioner and journey with them.  Let them hold your hand and walk with you as you become freer.

If you are a Metatronic Practitioner, you can think about how to invite your clients or family and friends to walk the path to Sacred Relationship.  Explore with them which relationship is ready or ripe and work it through.  It will be very rewarding.  What can flow from this is a sense of being more yourself, more centred and less cluttered.  More in charge, more in your own flow, more loving, more receptive, more in tune.  This, in turn, allows us to make different decisions and choose other paths which leads to more and more fulfilment as we become an instrument of both our personal divine and the Divine.  Instead of the others being the enemy in some form, we join the community of life with the sacred relationship.

And this is what Metatron wants, a Metatronic Life, freed through Metatronic Healing.  Why wait.  Start now, phone your practitioner, right now.  In some ways nothing is more important than this, it is what we have come to do, so………do it……..if not now, when?

Bless you, for saying yes to this.

Richard Farmer