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Question – after the class, the energies seem to fade, is this normal and why does this happen?

Question – After the class, the energies seem to fade. Is this normal and why does this happen?

As Metatronic Teachers, this is something that we have personally experienced and have been asked about many times and feels like a good question to answer for this second Metatronic Times Newsletter.

The simple answer to the question, is, no it does not fade, so, what does happen then?

When we are held in the Metatronic group field of a course, the connection with archangel Metatron is direct, powerful and real.  Compared with the lack of it, it is felt substantially, WOW!, we say as we stagger home.  When we return to the thickness of our life, the life that built the separation in the first place, the veil does not come back as before, but it can be misted over, and this gives the impression that the transmissions of Metatronic energies that we have received are fading.

One of the reasons I am here, as a Metatronic Teacher, is what happened to me when I was 25 years old.  With the help of a friend who was in contact with spirit, I was touched directly by the mystery of the Divine and was changed forever.  After that moment, I was inside the understanding and reality of spiritual truth, whereas before that, I was on the outside and as such spiritual concepts and path were simply ideas that I liked and resonated with, but they were on the outside of me.  I understood, in that moment of being touched, that this was simply a gift of spirit, to let me know what was the truth and that it was in me, and it was up now up to me to follow that thread and embody it.

There were a few days when I was in a state of grace, but gradually the thickness of my life came back and with that a sense of separation and doubt.  But I remembered the communication which said, this is what’s possible, and now over to you.  And so I began my journey which continues even as I type this.

It is the same here with these wonderful Metatronic classes, here it is, and now over to you!  What does this mean? And what is our responsibility?

You have been given a beautiful energetic jewel in your heart centre, it’s there for as long as you want it.  It’s not going anywhere and it certainly isn’t fading.  This is the first level of the Metatronic Life.  Just know this and let it do its work, which is to gently inform you in the deep background, nudging you towards your spiritual destiny.  Doubt and fear of loss just makes that veil of separation thicker, but allowing this reality chimes and resonates with it and gives it permission to do its work.

What more can I do?  Well, I can polish it! I can clean it!  I can touch it and let it do its work!  How can I do this?  The most vulnerable time is at the beginning of the Metatronic journey.  By the time you get to the third course, Healing the Ancestral Songlines, a lot of the doubt will be gone.  Metatron gives each course as a complete energetic structure, what I call the Sacred Sequence of it.  Just run this through your being and all will be well.

This is particularly true of the attunements and Transmissions which come with the Foundation – Opening the Healing Pathways.  This Sacred Sequence is on a number of different levels, but the relevant level here is the fact that these seven energies are seven aspects of Metatron’s Divine Being.  So no matter what level of Metatronic Healing you are at, it is a good idea to give yourself this reconnection on a regular basis.  It can take as long or a short as you like and builds, reconnects, deepens and nourishes the embodiment of Metatron and the Metatronic Bridge in us.

This is done by retracing the path of attunements, activating the energy of the transmissions that you were given.

The first four transmissions you can see as four circles which complete our physical wholeness, above us, left side, feet and right side.  Then the pathway comes to the heart, rises to the throat, and finishes with the crown which then floods the whole system retuning it, harmonising it with of the spiritual ray of Violet, the divine aspect of Metatron.

When you do this or go to activate any of the energies, where are you asking from?  Again in my own experience, because we use our thinking so much and we use our voice, the habit is to ask Metatron from the voice of the head, from our thinking mind.  When we do this, something moves, but it is not as strong as when we use our hearted attention.  Remember when you go to activate a Metatronic Energy, you go to the heart, to your Source and there, at the source is the Metatronic Jewel.  You link that heart jewel with the intention you want.  So, from my heart where the energy of cool fire is, I want to simplify the complex and busy state.  The energy, the healing tool of cool fire has within it Metatron’s divine intelligence, it understands and follows that intention, that heart wish, that knowing that I need to be simplified and softened.  So just check that you are coming from the heart, through the heart and not the head or some kind of verbal command, if you feel the energies are fading, it just might help.

Another aspect of this phenomenon of the apparently fading Metatronic energies, is to understand that it seems to fade because it’s working.  When you first taste the energy, it’s new.  As it comes into your world it is obvious and you notice it really easily.  But as the energetic jewels continue to tune you 24/7, your system tunes with it and the difference between what you were and are is less and less, so it appears to fade.  It hasn’t, you have just become more like it.

There is one more piece of it that I want to mention.  It’s important not to forget that you are working with divine intelligence.  It is not neutral; it is actively interacting with you.  It is a teacher as well as a supporter and it wants to lead you deeper into your True Nature.  The transmission gives you the jewel that resonates, that calls and reminds you where to go so that you can follow.  Some students do and some don’t.  For those that don’t, the “voice” moves away down the path and calls again.  It feels like it has faded but it has simply moved away, calling for you to follow.  But instead of following, of going deeper, you say it’s not working anymore and you doubt and your faith in Metatronic Healing fades, you stop listening and pretty soon you stop using it.

In my experience, who we are is never lost, and nor are the energies that we have been given.  They are resonating in our being just like before, all that is necessary is to understand that we need to meet it, as it were, halfway.  Take a daily step towards it. Use the sequence above. Nourish it with your presence and connection.  Learn to listen where it is and be receptive to it and move closer to it.  Understand this truth, you are already that which you seek, and the transmission and the energetic jewel that you now have is here, in this reality, helping you, nourishing you and guiding you home.

As you follow the path of the courses, this experience happens again and again.  And you see with increasing confidence that although they may seem to fade, they do not.  You will see by the change and the shift over the months and relatively short years, that you are transformed and so are those around you.  It is a beautiful path and we, as Metatronic Students and Teachers look forward to walking with you.

Richard Farmer