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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Metatronic Healing and Metatronic Play

In this article I want to draw your attention to a powerful aspect of being in relationship with Metatronic Healing that we call Metatronic Play.  However, please bear with me, I would like to take a step backwards to give an overview of Metatronic Healing.

The purpose of Metatronic Healing is to give you direct access to the awesome presence that is Metatron, the face of the Divine that creates the pattern of all things.  Metatron can do so because this intelligence sits between mystery and the formless divine with form.  That’s why Metatron is described as the Architect of Light.

Since the beginning of time Metatron has only been able to be accessed directly by a few although always been available indirectly.  Until more recently, Metatron was not a name that you would come to mind when exploring the Archangels and Angels, Michael or Raphael, yes, but not Metatron, because Metatron has been in the deep background.

However, we live in different times now and there is a need for this connection, for the divine realm and our earthly realm, to come together for the next stage of the adventure.  For this reason, Metatron has “come closer” and is more available now, more known.  It is time to speed things up and in order to do that we need more direct and powerful tools to bring healing and understanding.

What is different about Metatronic Healing compared with any other connection with Metatron, is that this system of spiritual evolution is Metatron’s personal system.  It was communicated to Pippa Merivale in 2007, direct from Metatron. 

Metatronic Healing has a number of aims:

  • One, to activate the heart of you, to kick start and support the knowing of who you really are. 
  • Two, to release that which is the way of that knowing.  What is radical here is the ability to release karmic conditioning, quickly and efficiently, where it is allowed.
  • Three, to open up the space of awakening in you so that you are supported in the above aims.
  • Finally, Four, to give you a direct line of communication to this Divine Intelligence.

I like to use the analogy of Fire.  There is a difference between being warmed by a fire indirectly and getting fire directly.  When you come to a Metatronic Healer, through the heat of their Metatronic fire, their connection with Metatron and the Metatronic Healing tools, they can offer help and deep healing with the first two.  But the main aim of Metatronic Healing is to bring it directly to you, so that, as it were, you are not warmed by the fire, but get the fire inside of you.  Through the attunements and transmissions of the first course, a door Is opened to Metatron.  It gives you fire.  With each subsequent course that door or opening or connection or fire is strengthened and deepened until the connection becomes akin to talking to a wise spiritual brother.

This is extra ordinary!!!!  To have the possibility of being guided and in relationship with the divine directly, is quite incredible, but one, because it is so incredible, students don’t realise or access as much as they could.

To give you an example, recently, Metatron has been indicating to us, students who can become Teachers or hold that potential.  When someone is accepted as an Apprentice Metatronic Teacher, Metatron begins to work with them and their energy system to prepare them to Teach.  It is a direct relationship.

But we also see it with students of Metatronic Healing. During a course or before a course, the students are prepared or made ready for the course in different ways.  Metatron draws their attention, for instance, via the advertising of the side of a lorry as they drive in to the course or in their dreams.  It can also happen that Metatron heightens things to create a drama so that, within the structure of the course, they can see it, meet it, understand it, and heal it.  For instance, someone else in the circle opens up a subject which has resonance for the whole group, be it abuse, or a certain relationship with power, or illness.  It can also happen that someone in the circle of students says something which triggers a reaction or irritation. 

When this happens, Clare and I call it Metatronic Play.  It is a moment in which years of work can be healed very quickly.  As a Metatronic Teacher, I have witnessed a number of these play out, both within my own life and those of the students. I have seen it from both sides.  I have seen what happens when the student sees it for what it is, an opportunity to heal old reactions and wounds by doing something different, and when they don’t.  When they do, I see the radical transformation and the freedom from these old patterns of reactions.  When they don’t see the “Play” and the old patterns and wounds are solidified, and the suffering cycle continues.

The crucial thing is to understand that the relationship with Metatron is personal. Because it is personal, Metatron is going to work with you to engineer the most productive atmosphere for your spiritual unfolding and healing by bringing it to your attention in any way possible and at the most rich time for healing.  Your job is to say yes.

This is also true if you are interested in becoming a Metatronic Healer.  When you attend the Metatronic Practitioner Course – Metatron will begin to interact with you to help you be a better Practitioner. To help you take a look at the issues you are being faced with in order to say yes to being a Practitioner, “I am not good enough.”  “No one will come.”  “I don’t know what I should be doing” and help you through.  If you don’t realise this, then you just might take those voices as true and become discouraged or not even begin!

So, when we realise that we are in connection with this awesome divine intelligence, and it is interacting with us, we are touched by the relationship and so we begin to listen from a different place.  It becomes divine play and whilst it is serious, we don’t take it so heavily.  This allows a much more flexible approach.  It also allows us to see where the healing needs to be, on relationship to men or to mother or to power or to money, or not being listened to or respected.  The list is endless   Without that understanding, we might for example hold a defensive or aggressive relationship with life, seeing it as a power struggle, me against them. 

So, check, do you realise that if you have taken a Metatronic class, that you are directly linked to Metatron through your heart?  If so, what is the Metatronic Play that is being created for you to see?  What is Metatron putting you in front of?  What tools have you been given through the steps, to begin to bring healing to these?  What resources are at your disposal to help you, where is your nearest Metatronic Healer?  Do you use them?  If not, why not?  What is stopping you?  Who in you is stopping you?  Start there.

For me, out of the many gifts that have come through Metatronic Healing and its pathway, this understanding of the Metatronic play has been crucial to not only my own healing and understanding, but my ability to really listen to, move with and live this life. 

So, what more can I do to help this connection?

  • Take a Metatronic Step
  • Take another Metatronic Step!
  • Take Repeater Class – Reasonable repeat fees are offered
  • Come to the Students Deepening Days
  • Come to the Guided Student Meditation sessions – see Student Area for upcoming dates
  • Have regular sessions with a Metatronic Healer
  • Arrange swap session with a friend who has done the classes
  • Connect as much as possible with your Metatronic Teacher
  • Attend the Online Healing Session given by Richard and Clare

For those of you who want to make yourself available to this connection you or your friends can begin with the Foundation Course.  It’s time!

Richard Farmer