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Metatronic Life

Metatronic Life

Richard Farmer

Richard Farmer, a spiritual teacher with more than 40 years of experience, has used movement, meditation, enquiry and healing, in the UK, Europe and the US, to help people re-discover themselves to live life rather than survive it.

His skill is in embodying profound truths and presenting them simply. He first got the tap on the shoulder from Metatron in a local coffee shop! Since that moment he has been drawn deeply into first receiving Metatronic energies, then using them as part of his practice, and then a Metatronic Teacher. 

Richard is now one of the Senior Metatronic Life & Healing Teachers.

His gift has been to ground, clarify and deepen the understanding of what Metatronic Life is and how it can be taught.  He has introduced the online healing sessions and the “Educating the Immune System for the Current Viral Threat”.  Both of these have enabled Metatronic Healing to serve and help those needing it in the current crisis.  In addition, he has brought in the Metatronic Path of Awakening which is now a fundamental strand in Metatronic Life Spiritual Pathway. He is developing the Metatronic Practitioner Programme for healers. He continues to be in dialogue with Metatron exploring how to bring the richness of this extraordinary path to as many people as possible.

Richard’s Healing Sessions

Richard is available for private healing sessions, distant or face to face. His commitment and intention is to bring the awesome, loving presence of the angel Metatron and the transmissions of Metatronic Healing to wherever they are needed.

To arrange classes or healing sessions you can contact him via:

T: 01989 740 590 

M: 07766 278 475


Richard’s Metatronic Pathway Schedule: View events calendar 2022

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