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What Makes Metatronic Healing so Unique?

Personal Testimony and Description by Richard Farmer

Energy healing is not something new anymore, in fact, there are any number of different systems out there.

To understand the uniqueness of Metatronic Healing, one has to understand firstly the means of delivery. If we take Reiki for example, when you receive Reiki you get an Attunement. What is this? It’s rather like opening a door to a room where there is fire, you feel the warmth. An Attunement is like a door, a portal to connect you with the energy. It does not connect you to the source of that energy, however.

Some healing modalities connect you through what is called a Transmission. This is not a door but a direct link. It’s like giving you fire so that it is inside you. It’s not a door to something. It’s not the warmth of a fire. It is fire.

With Metatronic Healing you get both things. You first get an Attunement – to open the door, as it were, or to attune a particular organ or energy centre – and then a Transmission. So what effect does that have? Through the layering of the seven Metatronic Healing courses, you are given something like a spiritual GPS system and this is what makes Metatronic Healing totally unique.

If we take the 7 Attunements and 7 Transmissions of the first step in Metatronic Healing, each of these 7 creates a matrix of spiritual weaving to make a divine energetic structure which sits in the heart and tunes to your inner divine nature. It gradually turns you away from negative habits of body, speech and mind and towards shining your divinity through the human condition. Once there, it’s like turning an oil tanker around, you turn the steering wheel and for some time not much seems to happen, but it is and as it builds up momentum the tanker turns.

Once the step has been taken, no further work is necessary, this is Metatron’s gift to humanity.  As each of the steps Attunements and Transmissions come in, they deepen and dimensionalise this spiritual matrix guidance system, for strength, for healing the past, for deep forgiveness, for increasing our radiance and finally the connection to the cosmos and the divine masters. Quite a package to have quietly informing you as you step through and get on with your life.

But there is more. Should you wish it, Metatronic Healing and its Divine Matrix is there to be of service, so like a spiritual friend you can turn towards it and ask for guidance. You can ask for healing. More than that, you can give healing to others. And finally, more than that, you can, should you wish it, become a Metatronic Healer.

Within the system of Metatronic Healing, you can connect to the healing force in a number of ways.  You may receive healing from a Metatronic Healer, you may receive Metatronic Healing Transmissions through teleseminars or the Divine Healing clinic from the website. You may go to a group healing given by an advanced Metatronic Healer. All of these things are really powerful and can be deeply, profoundly healing, but unlike the courses, they too are like opening that door to receive the warmth from the fire. They are not permanent.

So what makes Metatronic Healing unique even amongst some healing modalities that already have the connection with Metatron, is to know that this is Metatron’s Healing system. This comes directly from Metatron, is created by him, sequenced and given via the teacher to you. It is impossible to overestimate the power, versatility and the creative uniqueness that this is. There has been nothing like it on the planet before. That is why and how, as receive each one of the 7 Metatronic Healing steps on the pathway, you receive the gift of this matrix of divine patterning which gives you a spiritual guidance system, turning you towards home. This is after all what we are all doing here: having walked away, we are all wanting to come home. And like any other journey, especially in the modern world, a GPS system is invaluable and so much quicker and easier!

My advice and encouragement is to find the Metatronic Healing path nearest you and take the first step as soon as possible. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give yourself this gift.