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Personal experience speaks best. Metatronic Healing has a large wingspan – it reaches across our multi-levelled beings from spirit and soul to thought, feeling, body and even environment. It heals bodies, hearts, souls and the places we live or work, and we are seeing more radical results all the time.

(Please Note: Metatronic Healing does not replace or substitute medical treatment, and we make no ‘medical’ claims. We watch with growing excitement and gratitude, however, as clients and students receive the wide benefits of Metatronic Healing, confirming the radical shifts that so often follow in the wake of courses and treatments. The deepest goals of Metatronic Healing are to activate the latent gifts and powers that lie dormant at the heart of us all, and the life transformations we witness arise from this reawakening and reconnection.)

Here are a few examples of what our peers are saying about this work.

Surpasses the Energy of any other Healing…

“The Energy of the Mighty Metatronic Healing surpasses the energy of any other healing therapy I have studied before. It is powerful, intelligent, compassionate and loving, and is able to penetrate matter effortlessly with the voltage of its essential spirit. One also does not have to be involved in healing work to benefit from it on just a personal level – the still quietness and power it brings can just be enjoyed in meditation, and is a vibe that is uniquely beautiful.”

Sue Long

This is an Aid to the Development of Human Evolution

“This is true pioneering work. Freud did not create the mind, he identified it and thus changed people’s perception of themselves: the Metatronic Healing that has been born out of Pippa’s work and journey is a powerfully transformative process allowing changes to occur at very deep levels. This is more than a healing tool, although it is a profound one: it is an aid to the development of human evolution.”

Carlo Constandinou, DO, London.

 This takes Healing to a new level on this Planet

“This is powerful, it takes healing to a new level on this planet. I teach reiki and have felt for a while the energy was changing anyway, stronger, more powerful, but this goes way beyond that.”

June Moore – Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, Glasgow

This helped end the Dark Night of the Soul

“I was going through a great personal crisis, a dark night of the soul period that lasted for a couple of years … Nothing seemed to help or work … Before this challenging period, I had been involved in the personal and spiritual development scene for some 20 years and had trained in a few healing methodologies. During my ‘crisis’ none of the methods that worked before was helpful now. This deepened my feelings of helplessness and despair. My old life had unexpectedly collapsed and I saw no way of it all ending. Then I came across MH, first in a weekly group, then I had a 1-2-1 session and then started to do some of the training. I felt something shift straight away and it was in one of the training sessions during a group transmission that I had an incredible inner journey that helped end the dark night of the soul experience. I went on to train in nearly all of the MH levels. I have found MH to be a wonderful community of like-minded souls intent on making the world a better place in some way.”

Steve Nobel, author, coach and ex-director of Alternatives, St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London (2000-2012).

This is what building Human Potential will look like years from now.

“This exceptional healing work in the field of education and health are at the forefront of the human potential development field. Her methodology called Metatronic Healing is recognized by practitioners and leaders like myself as an exceptional advancement and representative of what the practice of building human potential and leadership may very well look like years from now.”

Elizabeth Robinson MS, President, Emergence International Inc. USA.