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Space Cleansing

“This feels so different – what just happened?”

Clearing and cleansing your environment can be a powerful and important tool in your journey to health, wellness and greater awareness, but when we bring Metatronic frequencies and techniques to places in which we have lived, educated or worked, the overall effects have frequently taken even us – the Metatronic Team – by surprise. These deeply penetrating effects offer further evidence that these powerful energies of Love truly infuse the places that previous healing attempts have failed to reach – and the transformation that often results brings radical shifts in a person’s life, even though the healing often takes place even many decades after the person has left behind a childhood home, for instance, or any place they have known and loved (or possibly tried to love…!).

“My Faraway Childhood Home”

“I had completed all the levels of the Metatronic training right through to Music of the Spheres, and experienced some deep healing, but the core sense of separation that I had sustained all my life was still there. The deep trauma associated with my childhood, which included the sudden death of both my parents and two of my siblings, in my early teens, had left scars that were very hard to reach. At the end of that final course, I was invited to tune into any house that I felt might be glad of some distant healing with the help of the group of us in class. To my surprise, what I was shown was my faraway childhood home. With the support of the group, Metatron took us through a profound process of visiting and clearing each room of the house and grounds around. I experienced the loosening and the release of the deep grief held in those walls and in us, the ones left behind. I felt the sweetness of that place that knew the stories of our childhoods. Now the waters broke at last – and in the ensuing weeks and months, my life transformed for real. Very much love to you and all you who have been part of bringing this extraordinary Metatronic healing through.” Mary M, Ontario


“Astonishing, Sacred Journey – House now Serene and Light”

“I quite frequently spend time in a distant family home, where a young child died some 70 years ago. Over the years I’ve often felt the grief along with the anger and confusion which so often underlie feelings of grief. It felt like it was deep in the walls and floors, so I had used all the familiar techniques of sage-burning, meditation, drums, rattles and rose quartz, pretty much to no permanent effect. Various people visited over the years, including a variety of healers, and several of these refused to come to the house a second time as they were too oppressed by the heaviness of the atmosphere. After the work we did with you in space clearing, I called Metatron in and was directed to a particular room in the house. What ensued was an astonishing, sacred journey. The details feel too private to share widely, but I have to say that for the eight or so years that have passed since that day, the house has remained serene and light, and friends have loved to visit. My deepest thanks to Metatron for the power and purity of this work.” Jane W, Yorks.


“An Important Moment in my Own Healing Journey”

“I was raised in a children’s home where a lot of abuse happened. We revisited this space etherically on a Metatronic Healing course, and brought in the purifying, cleansing frequencies that Metatron holds and shares in a group healing exercise. I have never been back to the place physically, and I probably never shall, so we have no way of knowing the effects that this may have had on the institution or the land, but what I do know is that this was an important moment in my own healing journey. Something very deep lifted from within me; I’ve felt lighter and cleaner ever since.” Robert T, UK


“Quarrels Ceased, Peace Restored!”

“My daughter was at boarding school for a time, while we were abroad. Like a lot of teenagers, she is very sensitive to energies, and she told me she had a strong sense that one of the dormitories was haunted as the girls had all rather started quarrelling when they had moved into it at the start of term, and there was a very unhappy atmosphere among a group who had previously been warm and companionable. She asked me to come and check it out when we would be visiting for an Open Day. I slipped into the dormitory when everyone was otherwise engaged and did a fairly swift Metatronic cleansing on the whole space. Upshot: quarrels ceased, peace restored!” Catherine H, Bucks