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‘Student Repeat’ for Gifts of Sacred Recognition: 11th December 2021 – 10.00 am UK (GMT)

£45.00 (incl. VAT)

Student Repeat – Christmas Special 2021 (UK Timezone)

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – Gifts of Sacred Recognition (UK Timezone)

With: Richard Farmer & Clare Glennon

Date: Saturday 11th December 2020

Times: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm  UK (GMT)

Class Repeat Fee: £45.00

Online Live Event: Connect via tablet laptop or Computer Online.

A booking confirmation will be sent confirming your place.  Full joining/connection details will be sent by email from e: richard@metatronic-life.com within a week of the class commencing- if you do not receive these please contact Richard

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Student Repeat – Christmas Special 2021: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – Gifts of Sacred Recognition

Saturday 11th December

Starting 10.00 pm UK (GMT) 

The two senior Metatronic Teachers, Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer, will offer you this special class introducing you to exciting transmissions from Metatron for the Christmas/Solstice time.

Class Repeat: For this well-received class this year, this Christmas special will offer a fresh perspective and deepening, as well as a repeaters rate.

About the Class:

Almost certainly, no matter what your culture, you would have heard the story of the three wise kings travelling to acknowledge, honour and pay respects to the incarnation that holds the possibility of embodying Christ Consciousness – well, in this case, that’s you.

We are all searching for our place and often yearn for recognition in some form as we are displaced from our true nature.  This yearning and sense of being misplaced lead to actions of body speech and mind that not only create suffering but continue the cycle of being displaced.

During this class, like the Three Kings, Metatron and those that work with Metatron will come to bring that recognition and affirm your sense of place.  Through Metatronic sacred geometry, two aspects will be woven into you, first, the gifts of these three essences resonate with affirmation and confirmation of the Heart of Gold that you are, and secondly, to heal, nourish and uplift that part of you that got lost.

Who can come? 

This class is open to all who have taken a Metatronic Class, this includes the Sacred Ground, Metatronic Introductory Days and of course the Metatronic Life & Healing Steps.

We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful experience.