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Deposit Payment for Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge, 23rd – 27th April 2020 Bristol, UK


Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge

Dates: 23rd April Evening 6.30pm continues 24th  – 27th April  2020 (finishes @ 6.00pm – 27/04/20)

Venue: Penny Brohn, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol, BS20 0HH

Teachers: Richard and Clare

Full Course Fee: £440.00 (deposit £88.00)

Prerequisite: Course 6: A Walk with the Masters

Booking: Secure your place, making a deposit payment of £88.00 here. The course settlement payment of £352.00 will be due to be paid 14 days before the course commences: Click Here to make the Course Settlement Payment.  Full course joining details via email closer to the time of the course.

Venue Accommodation: (For booking accommodation direct with Penny Brohn, there are full board/half board options – see full description below for information and direct booking details.


Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge

The Metatronic Pathway, as it stands at the moment, consists of three phases. The first contains Course One – Opening the Healing Pathways and Course Two – Golden Alchemy.  These prepare you for the second phase, which are the three Great Clearings or Healings –  Ancestral Songlines, Embodying Crystal Radiance, and Music of the Spheres.  With this support and then this clearing we are ready for phase three, A Walk with the Masters and the Vitruvian Bridge.

Course Six brings into our system the reality of completing the Path of embodying the Divine – the ‘Second Coming’.  It resonates and affirms this pathway within us with those that have walked and completed this before us.

What is the Vitruvian Bridge?

Now comes the second part of this completion, the weaving of the spiritual elements with the five elements of Earth.  The Vitruvian Bridge. This weave of Divine Feminine and Masculine, with Creation and Deep Mystery, together with the elements, brings it all together.  The culmination of the journey.

What are these Transmissions and Attunements?

A way of thinking about these transmissions is the elemental make up of the Human Being, that part of us which is of the Earth and the part of us which is of the Divine.  This course brings together Transmissions of the five elements, Earth, Water Fire, Air, and Ether/Spirit, with Transmissions that touch the very heart of Divine Mystery, as it comes into being.  That part that is between the Divine and Metatron, it is the space of the original relationship, one to one or 11.  It is hard to put simply into words, but as Mystery turns to know itself, it creates two aspects of mystery which will make up the two transmissions that hold this. 

The Attunements are given to the senses, and to the portals in the head aligning them now with your sacred mission, rather than your karmic history.

The Venue

Penny Brohn UK
Chapel Pill Lane,
Pill, Bristol,
BS20 0HH
T: 0303 3000 118
E: info@pennybrohn.org.uk

The course will take place at the Penny Brohn Centre. It will be starting Thursday 23rd April 6:30 pm with an evening meal.  The course finish around 6:00 pm on Monday 27th April.

The Penny Brohn Centre is set beautiful grounds located just outside Bristol and is within straightforward reach of Bristol airport, 20 minutes or less, and 10 minutes from the M5 and has free car parking on site.

The Accommodation

Accommodation is to be booked separately with Carol Ashmore

Email: Carol.Ashmore@pennybrohn.org.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1275 370168
Website: www.pennybrohn.org.uk

Residential Options Pricing Information (approx)

  • Single occupancy bed and breakfast is £66 per night = £264 total for four nights
    (this is a reasonable rate, and the bedrooms are 4* standard with ensuite and a large double bed in each room)
  • Single occupancy residential fee with an evening meal is £78 per night = £312 total for four nights 
  • Double occupancy bed and breakfast is £48 per person = £192 each total for four nights sharing a double occupancy residential fee with an evening meal is £60 per night = £240 total each for four nights

Non-Residential Pricing Information (approx) 

  • Breakfast and dinner by PBC are £24 per day = £96 total for four days.

There is the possibility to bring or buy your own at local shops. The food at the centre is as you would expect very healthy and of excellent quality.