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Rainbow Book of Prayer


Format: e-book, downloadable

A collection of simple prayers, connecting our human needs and wishes with the forces of Spirit through the direct and straightforward rainbow bridge of colour. There are prayers for when you feel blue, for when you wish to feel in the pink, for calming you when you feel yellow-bellied; prayers for stillness or action: reflections to calm, uplift, empower, nourish. What colour most draws you today? And what is the issue that you might most wish to share with a spiritual friend – or the Creator, God, the Universe? This book of inspirational prayer is easy to use, and nourishing. Flip the pages to find the prayer that exactly fits your mood, your need – or even the colour of your feelings and thoughts.

“I read it every day through three months of a most dreadful divorce and it single-handedly got me through!”  Susan C, CA, USA

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