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Online Group Healing Part 3 – A Metatronic Healing Chord – 12th April 8pm UK BST

£15.00 (incl. VAT)

Online Metatronic Group Healings 

Part 3 – A New Beginning

With: Richard Farmer and Clare Glennon

Date: Tuesday 12th April 2022

Time: 8.00 pm UK GMT / 3.00 pm USA EDT / 12.00 noon PDT

Joining Fee: £15.00 (inc. VAT)

Live Event: Connect via your phone or online

The full joining/connection details will be sent by email 24 hrs before the event – if you don’t receive these please email: richard@metatronic-life.com

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Two Metatronic Teachers, Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer want to offer you the next in their series of 3 healings.

Each series is guided by Archangel Metatron, the Divine Intelligence that is at the heart of Metatronic Life & healing.

The aim of these healings is to offer you the opportunity to have a single issue taken through the “full chord” of Metatronic Healing.  This means that if you bring a health issue, it will be treated in three different ways.  First, the cause of the problem will be addressed.  Second, the wound, or injury will be touched.  Thirdly a new healthy pattern or blueprint will be re-instated so that full health will be maintained.

Anything can be brought to this “full chord” healing, relationship problems, for instance, negative mind or emotional patterns or wounds, everything really.  Whatever it is, there will be a cause that sparks it, there will be the wound it creates and once healed, the original wholesome pattern can be reinstated.   Each of these stages can be taken as a stand-alone healing because Metatronic Healing is so whole and complete.  As always we want to give you something that fits your timing, and where you are, as well as something deep and profound so these may be engaged singly or as a sequence of three.

Part 3 – A New Beginning.

This third healing brings a new healthy blueprint for the issue, relationship or physical problem that you wish touched.  Underneath the damaged template of the wound lies the original, unwounded pattern.  As a result of trauma, crisis, grief or the conditions of the life we have lived, our natural healthy blueprint is damaged or distorted.  It is not where we started.  This healing re-instates this healthy blueprint or pattern, our natural self if you will so that we can move forward anew in our life.

This evening is open to all who want to come and experience the simple power, nourishment and healing, that is a Metatronic Healing.

The evening starts with a short grounding meditation and then we will give a brief introduction for the focus followed by the healing which is given generally in silence.  It will last about 60 to 90 minutes.

When you book you will be given the details of how to connect with us, it can be via your phone (local rate or toll-free) sound only, your smartphone, your tablet, or laptop/computer.

Feel free to recommend this evening to your friends, it’s an important time for all and to get this extraordinary help at this time is not to be missed.

We hope you say yes