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Online Group Healing Part 2 – Healing for your Mind – 27th October 8pm UK BST

£15.00 (incl. VAT)

Online Metatronic Group Healings 

Part 2 – Healing for your Mind

With: Richard Farmer and Clare Glennon

Date: Wednesday 27th October 2021

Time: 8.00 pm UK BST / 3pm USA EDT / 12.00 noon PDT

Joining Fee: £15.00 (inc. VAT)

Live Event: Connect via your phone or online

The full joining/connection details will be sent by email 24 hrs before the event – if you don’t receive these please email: richard@metatronic-life.com

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Two Metatronic Teachers, Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer, want to offer you the next series of 3 healings which will cover the three main aspects of being a human being, your Body, Mind & Spirit.  They may be taken singly or as a whole series.

This second healing is for your Mind.  The mind and the mental language that we use to communicate with ourselves, sets up who we think we are and how we therefore relate to the world.  It is of course a miraculous organ and function and yet it is a majour source of suffering for us.  This healing will particularly focus on this mental narrative, and especially the negative aspect of it, or the beliefs and stories that have been handed down to us by our family and culture.   The conditioning we have received that forces us to be a certain way, often at odds with who we truly are.  To be relieved of this conditioning is a real gift to give yourself.

This evening is open to all who want to come and experience the simple power, nourishment and healing, that is a Metatronic Healing.

The evening starts with a short grounding meditation and then we will give a brief introduction for the focus followed by the healing which is given generally in silence.  It will last about 60 to 90 minutes.

When you book you will be given the details of how to connect with us, it can be via your phone (local rate or toll-free) sound only, your smartphone, your tablet, or laptop/computer.

Feel free to recommend this evening to your friends, it’s an important time for all and to get this extraordinary help at this time is not to be missed.

We hope you say yes