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Instalment Payment: Opening the Pathways 26th – 28th January 2018 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE


Foundation: Opening the Pathways

Instalment Payment: Melissa Connor – £75.00

Payment for 28th February

Dates: 26th-28th January 2018

Times: 10am – 5.30pm daily.

Location: Wendover, Buckinghamshire

Metatronic Teacher: Clare Glennon

For questions regarding the course content or to register your interest email: clare@metatronic-life.com

Course Organiser: Louise Page: Tel: 01296 696 285 Email: holisticlouise@btinternet.com for any practical details regarding the course location and accommodation options.

Full Course Booking Information: Click Here


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Foundation Course: Opening the Pathways 

The 3-day Foundation Course is an intensive personal healing experience that is open to anyone. Seven Attunements & Transmissions of high-frequency energy re-calibrate the energy system to bring healing and to activate dormant potential.

The Attunements and Transmissions are interspersed with group clearance work, removing “the story” from the places where the body has held traumatic or self-limiting memories and thought forms. The process stimulates powerful and positive life change.

The Metatronic frequency is unique and very high: the rays therefore build and strengthen your energy field to boost your vitality and activate latent gifts. They also bring deeply buried issues to the surface, supporting you as the older frequencies – those of outdated, unsupportive patterns of thought and behaviour – are gently dislodged, becoming dissolved from your cellular consciousness.


The Foundation Course stands alone as an intensive healing experience for anyone, in any life situation. It is a rich and empowering course, designed to bring you into alignment with your Highest Self and your own divine truth, opening you to better health, creativity and prosperity in all its forms.

Contact course organiser Louise Page: Tel: 01296 696 285 Email: holisticlouise@btinternet.com  for any practical details about this course.