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Deposit Payment for Crystal Radiance: 29th Jan – 2nd Feb 2020 SWITZERLAND


Course Prerequisite: Completion of the Ancestral Songlines Course: Healing the Past

Date: 29th January to 2nd February 2020

Location: Flashdanse, 5 Rue des Raches, 1965 Saviese Switzerland

Times: 10 am to 6 pm daily.

Fee: £550 for non Swiss residents

To book this course: Sign up for this course with a booking payment of £110.00. You will then receive a payment confirmation receipt and your place is then secured. The Metatronic Life Office will email later with full payment information and the course joining details.

For Swiss residents please email Corinne Finkbeiner  Email: corinnefinkbeiner@hotmail.com and she will let you know how to reserve your place with 200CHF

Full Settlement Amount: For non-Swiss residents £440.00 will be due 2 weeks before the course start date.

Metatronic Teacher: Richard Farmer richard@metatronic-life.com

For more details contact the Swiss organizer: Corinne Finkbeiner email: corinnefinkbeiner@hotmail.com and she will let you know more details and how to reserve your place.

Full Course booking conditions: Click Here


n this 5-day course of 13 Attunements and Transmissions, Metatron builds on the crystal frequencies you will have met in Ancestral Songlines. Crystals represent divine geometric imprints on the physical plane, so they provide a direct pathway of communication with the higher matrix codes of consciousness. It’s not surprising then to find that these frequencies – perhaps best understood as the energetic templates for the innate perfection of crystal structures – act deeply into the emotional body, where so many of the wounds of our experience are lodged.

Our emotional bodies – when they are clogged and unprocessed – can keep us “stuck in the mud” of our lower and heavier emotions. But as the emotions are clarified, the intelligence and power within the emotional body can powerfully guide us on our inner journeys. Crystal energies help to break up congestion, so the crystal Transmissions dissolve emotional ‘congestion’ that has built up through the personal and collective myths that have accumulated of years, and light you up from the inside out.

Most of the crystal frequencies come from the depths of our own Earth, a few tektites are included: Moldavite, for instance, is believed to have landed on Earth from other planets. The mix creates a spectrum of dynamic frequencies, stretching and strengthening your energy field as it connects you with wider spaces and grounding you ever-more firmly into the loving support of Earth, our home planet, giving you a more and more deeply felt sense of being ‘home’. It extends your Metatronic ‘reach’ within your own life and your practice.
Crysstal-Radience-ElementsThe crystalline structure is inherent in our own bodies: the DNA and the blood system are themselves bio-crystalline mediums. This must be partly why crystals have so long been successfully used in healing: each crystal holds the purest embodiment of any particular ray, so they have traditionally acted like a tuning fork on the energy system, restoring the body’s natural settings. As your emotional body integrates these frequencies of these crystal ‘messengers’, healing and strengthening as the higher-matrix information codes infuse your energetic wiring, your matrix will be open and ready to receive the expanded frequencies offered in the Cosmic Course, Music of the Spheres.