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An Energetic Intervention by Metatronic Healing on the 30th Nov (8pm UK GMT) to help you be well in the Current Viral Challenge

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An Energetic Intervention by Metatronic Healing for the Current Viral Threat

Date: Tuesday 30th November 2021

Time: 8:00pm UK (GMT)  /3.00 pm US EST/  12.00 pm US PST

Duration: 70 minutes

Booking: By booking this free 70-minute session you understand that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this link: Booking Terms & Conditions Agreement  This session is free and open to all. Booking will close when the session is filled.

Please Note:We do require the names of all session participants.Click For Full Information

For multiple place bookings – i.e.family or loved ones – please enter these names into the “Additional Information/Order Notes” box as you proceed through the checkout. (box located on the right-hand side of the billing details form) Should you omit names, simply email clare@metatronic-life.com to ensure they will be included on the attendee’s list. Thank you. Participants must be present in real-time by zoom or by phone.

The Joining Details: On booking your place, you will receive a confirmation receipt from the Metatronic Life Website, and your place/places are secured. We will email joining details which will include how to access and get the most benefit from the session.  If you do not receive these details within 12 hours of the session, please get in touch with richard@metatronic-life.com  Due to high demand technical glitches do happen, so get in contact if you do not receive the Zoom links – Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential to take part in this session in real-time.  It will not be possible to send a recording to replay. 

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Educating your Immune System to recognise the COVID virus – an Energetic Intervention by Metatronic Healing

Tuesday 30th November 8.00 pm UK BST/ 3.00 pm EST/ 12.00 pm PST to help you be well in the Current Viral Challenges

For the past 18 months, we have been offering these sessions to all.  For those that have not wanted to have the vaccination and to those that do, it has brought confidence and health to many.  With the Vaccination process now underway, worldwide, the new threat, to both those vaccinated and those not, is the variants that will keep mutating till this virus is tamed.  To this end we are offering this online session once a month, both to continue the Immune Education and to keep your systems up to date.

The effectiveness of Metatronic Healing is based on creating energetic vibrations and patterns which mirror things such as different kinds of Crystals, Metals, Minerals and spiritual qualities.  All things have their pattern and vibration, and viruses are no exception.  In response to the current situation, the Divine Source of Metatronic Healing has created vibration and pattern which mirrors Coronavirus as well as, in this case, the Flu Virus.

The problem with this particular virus is that it is unknown to us, so our immune system has not yet developed any resistance or antibodies to it.  In this session, Metatron (the divine source of Metatronic Healing) aims to support the immune system to pay attention to what’s coming and then introduces the vibration so that the immune system may recognise it.  If this happens, then when the actual viral threat comes, it is not unknown.  We offer it freely to anyone who has read and agreed to the booking conditions.  By booking a place, you agree to the booking conditions and disclaimers.

To connect with us for the session, you will need to access the Zoom application, which can be accessed through most browsers or by downloading a free application.  You may also access it simply via your telephone by dialling the number given.  Details of how to do this are sent when you book.

It will last roughly 70 minutes, and you will remain anonymous and unseen, and there will be no need to speak.

This is an extraordinary opportunity, and we hope you take it.

Joining Details: Upon receipt of your booking, we will email joining details about how to access the session and how to get the most benefit.  If you don’t receive these details within 24hrs of the event, do get in touch.  Due to high demand, technical glitches do happen, so please get in contact if you do not receive the Zoom links – thanks.

This Metatronic Healing vibration or pattern can only be given by the two Senior Metatronic Teachers and cannot be offered by any other Metatronic Practitioner, Metatronic Student or Associate.