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Sacred Medicine: Turning the Wheel

Sacred Medicine: Turning the Wheel

This Free Teleseminar – Sacred Medicine: Turning the Wheel – offers fortification on many levels, but its greatest focus is on grounding and strengthening your body-heart-mind through anchoring the power of your spirit more deeply into your energy body and physical cells. It will bring great support to anyone seeking the spiritual embodiment which truly ‘turns the wheel’ of our lives. Click Here to join Pippa on 13th October, 6 pm UK time a riveting hour of information, companionship, and above all the loving energies of Metatron to enfold, clarify and heal your deepest places.

For newcomers and veterans alike, Metatronic Healing®is a radical new modality for our time – a grace-filled gift from Divinity bringing fresh tools and the frequencies that resonate with the quickening vibratory rate of Mother Earth and the pace of all who live here. The author Stuart Wilson (Essenes: Children of the Light and other great books) has described this healing system as “the Yoga of the New Age”. Yoga means union, and the goal of this work is to bring us back from separation and into the power and communion of the awakened heart, that core centre of all connection and the engine-house of our divinely-given power.

As ‘Divine Bridge’, Metatron brings us the essence of many substances we know on Earth, whether those are crystals, trees, metals, planets or – in this case – ancient spice remedies. He then amplifies that essence to deliver it into our energy bodies and the cells of our awareness. The high frequencies of Love dissolve the lower frequencies we have all carried through generations lived in a matrix of fear, and they reconnect us at the deepest level: we come to know, honour and love ourselves in a whole new way as our true nature is revealed, one step at a time. Gently, deeply, step by step, we re-unite with ourselves and one another.

The frequencies that Pippa has been guided to use for this exciting initial Event are rich and warm: Cinnamon, Turmeric and Clove are just the start of the many more she will offer in her full programme Sacred Medicine: the Nine Spheres, but in this one-hour global gathering you will feel the power of the Metatronic Energy Field as you unite with minds and hearts through a shared Meditation, and you will experience the love and grace of a Group Healing, when these frequencies are delivered to your cells. The healing effects of spice remedies were so widely recognised in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient world valued them above gold. Their warmth, joy and enthusiasm impact on the blood, the immune system, our vitality and flexibility. Their deep comforting effects strengthen our roots, helping us to feel at home on a planet where so many of us have felt so deeply challenged. They relieve shock and trauma. And perhaps above all in this time of such global intensity, they repair, enhance and truly fortify our spiritual connection.

In this Free Teleseminar, Pippa will help you to spot those places where your energies have grown heavy and to feel for the underlying wounds that have endorsed your patterns of separation and lack. As Metatron carries the essence of these warm remedies into those places, Pippa will help you to ‘turn the wheel’ of your understanding and your focus towards the power of your spirit; towards energy-fluency in the wheels of your chakras; and towards the deep surrender of whatever holds you back in your life so you may strengthen your vitality and ‘oil the wheels’ of your movement and growth.