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Richard Farmer, a spiritual teacher with more than 30 years of experience, has used movement, meditation, enquiry and healing, in the UK, Europe and the US, to help people re-discover themselves to live life rather than survive it.

His skill is in embodying profound truths and presenting them simply. He first got the tap on the shoulder from Metatron in a local coffee shop! Since that moment he has been drawn deeply into first receiving Metatronic energies, then using them as part of his practice, and now as a Metatronic Teacher.

Richard is the editor of the Metatronic Healing Students Newsletter

Richard’s Healing Sessions

Richard is available for private healing sessions, distant or face to face. His commitment and intention is to bring the awesome, loving presence of the angel Metatron and the transmissions of Metatronic Healing to wherever they are needed.

To arrange classes or healing sessions you can contact him via:

Tel: 01989 740 590

Mob: 07766 278 475

Email: richard@metatronic-life.com .

Richard’s Metatronic Courses Schedule 2019

Foundation: Opening the Pathways
  • Switzerland 25th to 27th January 2019
  • Bristol 20th to 22nd September 2019
  • USA 12th – 14th October 2019
Golden Alchemy
  • none at the moment
Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past
  • Bristol 11th – 15th July 2019
Advanced: Crystal Radiance
  • Bristol 6th – 10th June 2019
Cosmic: Music of the Spheres
  • Switzerland 25th – 29th September 2019
A Walk with the Masters
  • Abingdon 29th April – 4th May 2019

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To register your interest in a course, or for any questions about the course content Email: Richard

Metatronic Group Healing Evenings in Bristol

Meet Richard for a Metatronic meditation and group healing: these are graceful, beautiful and peaceful events, scheduled for Wednesday evenings approximately every third and fourth weeks – the perfect opportunity to let go of the week and drop deeply into Metatron’s embrace. You will experience the energies interacting with you in a very personal and profound way. All are warmly welcomed, newcomers and Metatronic students alike. Bring a friend, or anyone who my be interested. Fee: By Donation.