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Relationship: Return to Love

All of life, and even the Universe itself, is a constant movement of energy in action and interaction. What happens in our individual lives has everything to do with this flow – and we all know that at various times, it becomes stuck. It gets sticky and tricky, we find ourselves in situations of difficulty or pain and can’t imagine how we got there. Metatronic Healing brings the Divine Light that reveals and heals our core wounds; it reveals our sacred nature and divine power while it heals the frailties and fears that have covered it. Metatron restores the flow, bringing tremendous clarity to the stuck and repeating patterns that have sabotaged our deepest needs, while softening our relationship with ourselves and others as He returns us to Love.


“Clarity and Certainty … Brought Great Peace”

“Doing the Healing the Family Tree changed my attitude to long-standing family dynamics as easily as flipping a switch. The clarity and certainty was blinding and has brought great peace.” Penny M (pseudonym), London (Note: Healing the Family Tree workshop has now been absorbed into Ancestral Songlines which is offered after the Golden Alchemy course.)


“Everyone Stopped Bitching. What just happened?!”

“Since the Golden Alchemy course, I’ve been back work in the legal office for a couple of weeks, and everyone has stopped bitching. What just happened?!” Lisa O, London


“The Extra Gift is the Ripple Effect”

“Remember the well-known advert that said ‘It does what it says on the tin’? Well, my experience with Metatronic Healing so far is: it does much more than it says on the tin. The effects are truly palpable. Not only do you feel refreshingly different but the extra gift is the amazing ripple effect: people in your life notice it too (consciously or just through the energy field, maybe?) and positively respond through their words or actions towards you.”  Debbie J – City PA, London


“In That Moment, Life Changed”

“I had struggled for years with a very difficult relationship with my daughter, who had never forgiven me for events in her childhood of which I had known nothing at the time. For five or more years, we were almost completely out of touch. After some very potent ancestral and family healing work in a nurturing Metatronic Healing group session, I returned home and found a letter from my daughter, expressing the love she had suppressed and thanking me for being a wonderful mother. In that moment, life changed…” Jenny M, Hants