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Metatronic Protocol for sharing in a Metatronic Healing Session

Metatronic Protocol for sharing in a Metatronic Healing Session


In the Foundation book, we have given an overview of how to offer a Metatronic Healing and this protocol focusses those wanting to be clearer about how to focus a session and how to give feedback after a session.

Listening & Exploring

When someone comes to you for a Metatronic Healing session, whatever they are presenting, your job is to explore what their issue is, how it came to be and potentially why.

The answers to these questions give you a lead on what to ask Metatron to bring into the healing stream.  For example:

  • Has it happened before?
  • Has it happened repeatedly?
  • Has it happened to other members of their family or relatives?This tells you something more than that it’s just an accident.
  • What was happening when this manifested?
  • What were they thinking?
  • What was happening in their life or had recently happened?This tells you perhaps why it happened.

What to use for a Metatronic Session

If you are just at the beginning of your journey using Metatronic Healing, with the energies of Step 1 and Step 2,  you have everything you need to meet what is listed above, through the gifts of the Foundation and Golden Alchemy Steps.

By understanding the multidimensional aspects of these two MH Steps you get to know that everything is there.  With the 3 Step Protocol to use individual healing energies, with the Sacred Sequencing, with the Metatronic Chords, and with Lifting the Story, you have everything you need, you just have to deepen your understanding by studying with your teacher and using the workbooks, Deepening Days, taking the Metatronic Healing Foundation Practitioner Course and their CPD Days.

If what you hear is that they need support, then the Foundation energies and Sacred Sequences are what will help.  If what you hear is that they need strengthening in some way, then the Golden Alchemy Sacred Sequence is required.

If you are further on in your journey using Metatronic Healing, you have other options as well.

If the issue is in the family, other members have had it, then you know that it is carried in the family line.  There is “Lifting the Story” and also the Ancestral Songlines Sacred Sequencing.

Remember that the energy centres of the body have their own orbit or aspect and are affected by imbalances in the emotional, mental and physical life.  So, throat issues or the voice have a different aspect to the sacral centre or balance issues.  If we look at the body in thirds and use the image of a seed growing from Golden Alchemy, there is a lot of direction and information there.

Remember too that organs have their own emotional, mental and energetic aspects of the whole.  So, a malfunctioning liver means something different from a kidney or digestive disorder. (Ancestral Songlines).

Each aspect of the body carries or represents a particular part of the whole.  So, an ankle injury means something different from a shoulder injury (Crystal Radiance).  If the issue is emotional, you also have the sacred sequencing from the Crystal Radiance.

Issues to do with imbalances in the Feminine or Masculine aspects (Left or Right – Active or Receptive – Outward of Inward etc) then Crystal Radiance alignment structures and the Crystal Spine are perfect.

If the issue is psychological or mental then you have the transmissions of the planets and the sacred sequencing from the Music of the Spheres.

Last and not least, with your connection to Metatron and the Team, using your knowing that you want to help this person with “This”, simply let the Metatronic Healing Flow come through you.

How to choose

If there is a multiple of choices, or you are not sure, you can always ask Metatron beforehand with your “Yes/No”, which is the best path to take.  Is the best healing energy for this issue in Step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc?  Within Step 1, for example, is it energy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?  The client won’t mind if you ask them to give you a moment whilst you check with Metatron.  In my experience they really like it, it gives them confidence.

Sharing your choice

Having listened and understood what they have come for and why it has happened, you now have an idea of where you can be the bridge, the connection that Metatron and the Divine use to bring the Healing Stream through and focussed in a particular way.


It’s a good idea to explain to them what you are going to ask Metatron to do and what aspects of your healing tools are going to be accessed.  By understanding the tools and the aspects that they meet you can give your client a good idea of what is going to be touched, supported or nourished by the session.  Ask if they understand and if that’s OK.  If there is a choice, ask if they have a sense of which path to go for.

Bridging the Metatronic Stream

You now settle them down ready for the session as described in the MH Protocol which guides you on how to physically position yourself and your client/partner and where to place your hands etc.

Ask them to pay attention, if that feels relevant, to these phases and interactions between the Divine and them.  Metatron is in relationship with them through your bridging.  The Metatronic Healing Stream arising from the Divine Source, interfaced and directed by Metatron, bridged by you and your knowing, is a very fine and subtle energetic interaction.  Its power is in its fineness which enables it to go really deep.  Unlike more gross or “less from the Source energies”, it can easily be missed or not noticed or understood.

It’s a good idea to simply, quietly call out the process as you go through it, whether the 4 Step Protocol for ‘Lifting the Story’ or the 3 Step Protocol for giving healing energies or a Sacred Sequence.

Your job is to stay focussed on being the bridge and on what you are doing, the intention you are bringing.  It’s like a meditation focus, your mind wants to find all sorts of interesting other things to do, or to imagine all sorts of wonderful things, which are actually mostly a distraction from the Metatronic Healing point of view.

Some people are psychic.  Some of you have been trained in other modalities with different focusses.  But from Metatronic Healing’s point of view, if you drift off into these, it’s not what the person has asked for.  What they have come to you for is a Metatronic Healing and being the bridge for, say Lifting the Story, is what you are doing, and like losing a meditation focus, anything else is a distraction.  If you drift off into some “seeing” you are no longer fully present as a bridge.  You are no longer present to them and the process of bridging.  This is very important.

Metatronic sharing & feedback

They naturally want to know what you did and what happened.  But it is they who Metatron is working with, you are the bridge, the connection through which the intelligence of Metatron flows and with it, the Metatronic Healing Stream.

It is polite, even if they ask you what you felt, to point out this fundamental truth – the Divine/Metatron has been in relationship with them during this time, what came to them?  What did they see?  What did they feel?  What did they intuit?  Let them be before this first.

Having shared their insight and journey then you may share yours, in the sense that you can review what you did and the aspects that the session worked on, as described above.  If you had some sense around this that relates to what they have come for, then you can share that.  For example, when giving the Golden Alchemy Sacred Sequence, the Heart Chakra with Gold really came strongly, indicating that this area is what needs support and nourishment.  How can they give this to themselves in their life?

It is completely inappropriate and contrary to the Metatronic Healing pathway, for you to share things which have nothing to do with what they have asked healing for.  Your insights are your insights.

You may be a very experienced and wise guide.  You may just be beginning to understand what that means.  It is very important that you do not put words into Metatron’s mouth.  It is very important that you don’t make your insights Metatron’s insights.  If Metatron wants them to see something, you can be sure they will be shown.

Recently we have had a lot of feedback from Practitioners and Clients who object or feel offended, even invaded or spoken at, by the person who has used the Metatronic Session to give their own take on something inappropriately.  So don’t do it.

Follow up

It can be a good thing to ask the client/partner to come back to you via a phone call, text or email giving their reflection of what has happened.  After all the session is not over, it will resonate and continue for some time, unpacking itself into their system and their energy and consciousness for them to listen to and be informed by.  It is a gift that can keep on giving if they are directed to the true nature of a Metatronic Healing, an interaction with the Divine directly.

It is a sacred relationship.  You are their bridge.  You are a representative of Metatronic Healing.  You can help them listen and receive what is being whispered from eternity.


Richard Farmer 26.2.20