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Online Metatronic Group Healing: Wellbeing Series No.4 – The Respiratory System, Tuesday 21st February 8.00 PM UK, GMT

£15.00 (incl. VAT)

Supporting your Respiratory System 

With: Richard Farmer & Clare Glennon

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2023

Time: 8.00 pm UK, GMT / 3.00 pm US, EST / 12.00 noon US, PST

Joining Fee (per person): £15.00 (inc. VAT)

Live Event: Connect via your phone or online

The full joining/connection details will be sent by email 24 hrs before the event – if you don’t receive these please email: [email protected]

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The two senior Metatronic Teachers, Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer continue to offer you the next 3 healing sessions in the Wellbeing Series.  These can be taken as as a series, or each one as a stand alone session.

Each series offered is guided by Archangel Metatron, the Divine Intelligence at the heart Metatronic Life & Healing.

The aim of these Wellbeing Series of healings is to offer you and your body a complete overhaul, like giving a car an annual service.  Thus far we have covered the Nervous, Digestive and Circulatory Systems.  This next series covers, the Respiratory, Lymphatic, and Renal Systems.

There is an opportunity for each one of them to be bathed and soothed by the Metatronic Healing energies with the beneficial holding of the Metatronic Group Field.

No. 4 Metatronic Healing for your Respiratory System 

All cells in the body need the right balance of oxygen in order to sustain life, to nourish and to heal them selves. This fundamental system includes the process of breathing – it is fundamental to Life. When we are stressed or in fear, when we feel insecure or tense, we restrict the breath by holding it or breathing rapidly.  Often, with modern life, this becomes the norm, thus compromising over an extended period this basic function. Breathing and internal respiration happens way beyond the sphere off the lungs and extends to every cell in the body, thus effecting every part of the physicality. 

The healing will look at what impacts your breathing and will work to release that and help to repattern your breathing back to its more natural pattern.

The invitation to you for this session will be to rest in the restorative Metatronic Healing group field as we guide you through the healing movements which focus to support your respiratory system better functioning as a whole.

This session is open to all who want to come and experience the simple power, nourishment and healing, that is a Metatronic Healing.

It begins with a short grounding meditation and then we will give a short introduction for this focus followed by the healing itself which is given generally in silence.  The session will last about 60 to 90 minutes.

When you book you will be given the details of how to connect with us, it can be via your phone (local rate or toll-free) sound only, your smartphone, your tablet, or laptop/computer.

Feel free to recommend this to your friends, it’s an important time for all and to get this extraordinary help at this time is not to be missed. However if you do book a place and inadvertently miss session – you will be included in the group and send the recording of this session.

We send all participants the session recording once it has been prepared and is ready.

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