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Metatronic Healing: Advanced Practitioner

Metatronic Healing: Advanced Practitioner

Expanding your Skills and your Reach

This 3-day course is designed to broaden your range of practical Metatronic skills and deepen your understanding of the potent and dynamic energies of Metatron and how these interface in the client situation. The numerous practitioner contexts we work with will enable you to gain a comprehensive insight into facilitating a Metatronic Healing best approach.

The work will help you to shift the inner position from which you approach a client healing session, to reach another level in removing your own story-based filters so that your perception comes from a deeper place in your consciousness and you can be more present to what is actually happening when you are in the presence of a client. You will therefore receive:

  • Six Attunements and Transmissions, each with a specific advanced healing focus.
  • Further development of practical skills using the Metatronic Healing tools, energies and advanced healing protocols.
  • Metatronic Healing Advanced Practitioner Certification

Prerequisite for the the Advanced Practitioner Course is  the Cosmic Course: Music of the Spheres (See Course Map)