Metatronic Life Pathways – Visual Map

Metatronic Life, Healing and Awakening Pathway – Visual Map

Each step class on the pathway is anchored in a sequence of Metatronic Attunement and Transmissions.  The steps on the pathway evolve and deepen the integration process as a whole. Each step holds a prerequisite of the previous step, therefore steps can only be taken in ascending order. The Awakening Stream can be taken after completing Step One.

After completion of Step Two, for those who wish it, the Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Training becomes an optional stream, which dovetails with the ascending order of the steps of the pathway. 

Please Note: To attend a Foundation ‘Opening the Pathways’ as an Online class  Sacred Ground – A Metatronic Beginning is a preliminary stage before Step One. 


Image Map