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The Metatronic Practitioner Pathway

Becoming a Metatronic Healing® Practitioner

As part of our commitment to providing a wholesome and thorough professional training for those who want to become professional Metatronic healers, Metatronic Life offers several opportunities to deepen and hone the healing skills of the Metatronic student.

For those that wish it, the Metatronic Pathway encompasses the training for becoming a Metatronic Healing Practitioner. 

A Metatronic Healer has a number of Metatronic healing energies at their disposal.  These range from core aspects of Metatron’s angelic energies to the vibration of crystals and precious gems, for example, diamond and ruby, and metals like gold and silver.  An Advanced Metatronic Healer can have up to 60 different divine healing energies  and specific of healing protocols which can be used in any combination to meet a huge number of needs.  Of course, first and foremost this is overlit by the angelic healing of Metatron.

These healing tools can be focused in specific ways. Here are some examples

  • to reconnect where there is a disconnect,
  • to strengthen where there is a weakness
  • to release conditioning that creates the problem
  • to release the negative emotional energy resulting from the conditioning
  • to release the mental positioning that the emotional reactivity creates
  • to re harmonise and retune the client’s system to a more aligned and true state of aliveness.

How do I go about becoming a Registered Metatronic Healer?

To be eligible for The Foundation, the student needs to have completed the first two levels of Metatronic classes, Step 1: Opening the Pathways and Step 2: Golden Alchemy

What does the course entail?

Metatronic Healing® Training – Foundation Level: 4-day Course – Online (in two weekend modules_

This course clarifies and deepens the understanding and use of the basic Metatronic Healing Protocols and is designed to support both those who are already using healing in a professional practice and those who are just beginning the journey and wish to deepen their knowledge of this healing modality. Click Here for more information.

Metatronic Healing® Training – Advanced Level: 4-day Course – Online 

The prerequisites for this training are the completion of the Foundation Training and the completion of the Metatronic pathway up to and including Step 4 – Crystal Radiance

On the Advanced Training, alongside the clarification of the different healing tools that a practitioner will have to this point, because of the increased ability and bandwidth to bridge Metatronic energy, a whole new level of healing training is offered. The Practitioner is introduced to new healing protocols and receives 8 further transmissions and attunements to utilise. Click Here for more information.

Metatronic Healers Association Membership

Membership is required for those who wish to practice Metatronic Healing professionally.

All Registered Metatronic Healers Practitioners abide by both the Metatronic Healers Agreement and by the  Code of Ethics

Continuing Professional Development Days

For both The Foundation and Advanced Practitioners respectively, a continuing professional development day is given annually. This day is now offered online. Each year it will include informative updates of new developments as well as including deepening of the Practitioners attunement and transmission. Attendance of the day is a requirement for Practitioners for their annual recertification. These days hold additional importance as a time to gather as a Metatronic Practitioners Community.  The CPD day usually falls in early March.

A Word About the Metatronic Teachers Pathway