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Physical Healing

Healing Body, Soul and Life

We live in a vast field of energy that exists at different levels, and we partake in all of these. The subtle, invisible realm of feelings, where our thoughts and emotions are in constant activity and movement, certainly impact on the state of our physical health and we often hear stories of miraculous healing of physical pain that follows a powerful experience of emotional healing. We could perhaps think of this effect as the gravitational pull of energies downward into the body, but energy constantly flows upward too. It also happens the other way around: as we heal a physical condition, energy that has been stuck or contracted is free to move ‘upward’ or ‘outward’ to feed our energetic hearts or our souls. Metatron is known as the bridge between the dimensions, and in that role he helps us to become fluent and harmonious in the ongoing conversation between our own ‘heaven’ and our own ‘earth’.


“I got in touch with the anger … enjoying life again, at last!”

“For so many years I had headaches, they were blinding and debilitating, impacting on all my relationships and everything I did. Then with Metatronic work they gradually started to dissolve. I got in touch with the anger I’d been unconsciously holding in my liver for so long, and that enabled me to release it. I’m enjoying life again, at last – thank you so much!” Jenny N-P, Wilts


“When do you remember not being tired?”

“I used to be struggling with energy all the time. In a Metatronic healing session, the question came up, “when do you remember being not tired?” From nowhere, the answer came in a flash: “before I was 9″. As we went into the memory of my 9-year-old self, I remembered an incident of deep trauma, and reconnected with the NBWS, the ‘never-been-well-since’ moment, and with the deep sense of weariness that had followed it and always remained with me. After the healing I received that day, my energy quietly but surely began to return, and it has continued to escalate with every stage of clearance and re-setting. Deepest gratitude!” Jane W, London


“I used to be tired all the time…”

“For years I suffered constant tiredness; I felt drained most of the time. My spirit was strong but my body felt heavy and at the same time frail, and this was very testing as I was a nurse in an environment which needed high vitality. After I did the first Metatronic course my energy levels changed considerably, and my vitality grew deeper and higher continued as I progressed through the programme. I’m very grateful for the change.” Audrey B, London


“Major Factor in Healing my Bladder Cancer”

“I have found this form of healing to be one of the most powerful forms of healing I know.  It was a great shock to me that when I thought I had healed all the ‘issues’ in my life I developed a very serious case of Bladder Cancer in 2008. At the time I was just starting the process of becoming a Metatronic healer. I did a course in Colour Healing, then the Metatronic Healing Foundation Course five weeks later. Two weeks after this I again went into hospital to have keyhole surgery to remove the rest of the tumour.  Much to everybody’s surprise they found that the tumour was benign. I did the Golden Alchemy level of Metatronic Healing 12 weeks later.  I again had an internal inspection of my bladder approx 2 weeks after this which again showed me to be clear.  At all internal examinations since then I have been able to see on a screen for myself that my bladder is still totally clear. It is very difficult to see where the cancer had been. I can now say that Metatronic Healing was a major factor in my healing from bladder cancer in 2008.”  Guy E,  Surrey.


“For many years I have had a lump on my right shoulder, where I have previously had cortisol injections for the pain. After having it lifted out energetically in the Metatronic session I no longer have a discernible lump! How wonderful is that? Then I worked with a client who felt like she had a neck brace on. By the end of the session it was gone and when I saw her on Saturday she was bouncing up and down with a free neck and more energy than she’s had for a long time. This is great stuff.”  Janice H – Therapist, UK


“My irritable bowel was considerably lessened after my first encounter with Metatronic Healing. As I stepped more actively into the process, I was encouraged to get friendly with food and to foster a kinder and more nurturing relationship with the sacred vehicle of my body. It has continued to strengthen, and my gut is very much happier.” Linda K, Los Angeles