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Metatronic Life – One Step at a time.

Metatronic Life – One Step at a time.

The Vitruvian Bridge Is coming up in April, which is the 7th course in the Metatronic Pathway, except that we don’t want to call them courses anymore, more like steps.  The offering of this 7th Step heralds the end of the pathway for those taking it.  Clare and I have watched and witnessed, not only for ourselves, but also our students as they walk the Metatronic Pathway.  We can see the effect from their beginning with Metatronic Life, to now as they approach the Vitruvian Bridge.  As I am fond of saying, by engaging in Metatronic Healing, nothing will be the same again and yet nothing changes.  In other words what we have to walk with is what we have the walk with.  However, who walks it can be very different, how we carry it and navigate it can be very different as we move from victim to mastery.  This seventh step completes a circle started with the Foundation, where heaven and earth come together, the Vitruvian Bridge, as the spirit of heaven and earth as embodied in us the arc is complete.

What we are also understanding is that each course, like I said above is like a step.  A course implies there is something to be learnt, integrated and practised.  But we are seeing it’s more like steps.  At its most basic level, you take the Foundation and like taking a step, it’s done.  You are moved on in yourself.  You have the Transmissions and Attunements working away, even if you do nothing, that step is getting you ready for the next step.  It’s not even necessary to understand what has happened because as you move from one step to the other, the path opens, as it were, under your feet.  We learn and we understand by taking the steps.  Metatron has created this pathway, all we have to do is to take the steps, one at a time.  By taking the steps we learn where we are going.  As we learn where we are going, the light of understanding deepens and that helps us to keep taking the steps.

Each step, as the Attunements and Transmissions kick in can have effects, we find ourselves perhaps reflecting on what we have done in the past, or we become more aware of what has happened and where we are going.  And this is taken into account by the nature of the seven steps of the pathway that Metatronic Life offers.  Each one leads to the other, and the other, answers the questions that the first throws up.  The design is not to throw you into years of therapy or self-reflection, merely that the next step helps to empty of you the energies that the first step stimulates.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the intelligence holding the design of the Metatronic Pathway deeply understands the human predicament and the promise that it holds.  The seven Metatronic steps lead us along the path of an enriching self embodiment which is divinely tuned.

So, in honour of this, we are beginning to call the Metatronic Courses, Steps.  If you take a course it means one thing, but if you take a step, it has quite a different resonance.  A course has to be learnt, a step is taken.

It’s the same with the difference between Metatronic Life and Metatronic Healing.  The website is called Metatronic Life and yet it is Metatronic Healing Courses that we take.  But only a few people are interested in being healers.  So, someone can look at a Metatronic Healing course and go, “that’s not for me”.  But the truth is that most people take the courses as a way of improving their life and how and who lives it.

However, if you want to develop yourself as a healer there are courses to help you, to train you to be a healer or be a better healer and to be a Metatronic Healer.  We have these two strands, the Pathway of Spiritual Evolution which is Metatronic Life and the Pathway of using the Transmissions and Attunements to help others.  Of course, they are both healing at some level.  But in the first, Metatronic Life, all that is required is to take the steps.  In the second, in order to use Metatronic Healing effectively you need to study the path to use it.  So, there are the courses in Metatronic Healing as a second strand to the Steps in Metatronic Life.  Everybody needs the Metatronic Life connection, but of those, only a few want to Metatronic Healers.  Equally, by taking the Metatronic Life Pathway there are those that would not think of themselves as “Healers” but find out that they have a gift or an interest in doing so. 

The Metatronic Teaching Team feel that by becoming clearer about the difference between courses and steps, and the difference between Metatronic Life and Metatronic Healing, we get the best of both worlds.  If we don’t want to be a healer, we can simply take the steps without the guilt of thinking we should be doing more.  If we have the call to use healing more, we can go deeper into the study of Metatronic Healing, not as a have to, but as a deep calling and interest.  It’s a win win.  How good is that!! It’s really divinely intelligent.  It’s Metatronic!