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Metatronic Healing

“The Yoga of the New Age”

“Do not confuse Metatronic Healing with any of the new healing modalities which are now emerging, for it has a much vaster potential. As this system develops it will become what I can only describe as the Yoga of the New Age, to unite you with your hidden wholeness; it will involve the unrolling of a Language of Light, still only on the fringes of what you can presently perceive, and that unrolling will prepare the way for many wonderful possibilities. If you think of this Language as a higher frequency of music you will begin to glimpse its power and quality.”

Stuart Wilson, UK. Author – Essenes: Children of the Light, and The Magdalene Version. 

There are energy healing systems emerging in many places at this time of such acute pressure: what makes this one different? Why are people finding the Metatronic Healing Path purer, deeper-acting and truer than anything else they have met?

The unique combination of Metatronic Attunements (a physical touch) and Transmissions (pure energy streams) work together in dynamic partnership. Each Attunement adjusts your energetic setting like a radio, to a particular wavelength, and each is followed by the Transmission which transports that wavelength into the subtle workings of your energy system, restoring the matrix of your being as it works with you through time.

Our perceptions have been filtered by our conditioning and experience: these have contracted our ideas of ourselves and therefore our capacity to create the lives we have hoped for. As the Metatronic frequencies step gently down to meet and embrace you wherever you are on your personal journey, the old ‘tapes’ that have run you from your unconscious mind to create lack and fear and discomfort are dissolved at exactly the pace that you can comfortably handle. Step by step, your energy body is cleared of confusion and heaviness and awakened into wisdom and love as you are reconnected with your Divine source.