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Introducing Metatronic Healing – Full Day Events

Introducing Metatronic Healing 

These full-day events are facilitated by specifically trained Apprentice Metatronic Healing Teachers or Metatronic Teachers.  If you are considering stepping onto the Metatronic Healing Pathway then this is a wonderful way to explore and dip your feet into these profound waters.

What will I get on this day? In this full-day event, the attunements and transmissions are focused on the essential feminine and masculine energies within us.  Throughout all cultures and through all spiritual traditions, these two, the Alpha and Omega, the receptive and creative, left and right, the Yin and the Yang are common because they are fundamental to our being and balance.

Why are these two specific transmissions chosen for this Introductory Day?  The first thing we see when we are born is, traditionally, Mother – the First Female and energy of the Feminine, and this is closely followed by the First Male and energy of the Masculine.  These fundamental meetings set the tone for all relationships with these two prime qualities both within us and in our outer relationships.  No one is perfect, so often we are shown imperfect and wounded templates, hence our relationship with the feminine and masculine are off to an imbalanced start.  Whether too much or too little, or even perfect, this begins a lifetime of reaction to these imbalances.

So, to begin the journey with these first two templates is the perfect introduction to the Metatronic Pathway

To be re-connected to the template of the whole/Original/Divine Feminine and Masculine gently calling us back to our unblemished inner Feminine and Masculine is awesome.  The Attunements and Transmissions which form this day call us back to our inner family where we can grow up into the mature, wise and then elder human beings we were meant to be.

Who can come? All are newcomers are welcome, no experience needed, just your wish to give yourself this gift of presence and healing.  The day will be a blend of brief informative talks and healings, which you can receive lying down, deep rest and nourishment, meeting people of like mind, and fully receiving the gift of the healing energies for you to benefit from and use.

Please note:

Metatronic Students who have previously attended this event can repeat and deepen their experience should places be available. Please contact the facilitator directly to enquire.

Do you have a group that would be interested in experiencing this Introductory Metatronic Day in your area?

Please contact richard@metatronic-life.com or clare@metatronic-life.com   We will do their best to see if can this event can be arranged.