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How Do the Attunements and Transmissions Work?

How Do the Attunements and Transmissions Work?

These are given by a Metatronic teacher who has been initiated to bring these powerful energies through. Each Attunement is given to e.g a chakra point, a joint, or in some cases close to a particular organ. After you have received the specific Attunement for each frequency, the Transmission follows, delivering the energy-stream through the portal of the most potent energy station you possess: the heart centre. From here the frequencies are carried through the energy meridians, and through your spinal cord to the channels of your nervous system, and also through the canals of your circulation, filling all of these channels with Light.

As you receive the high frequencies of Divine Love deeply into your awareness and even the cells of your body, you will replace the old, worn-out “stories” with new ones – sometimes quite gradually, sometimes at surprising speed and depth. This ‘new and improved information’ empowers and fortifies you; it encourages you to step out of your shadow and into the light, to be all that you can be.

And it extends beyond you. You may think you’re living your own story: actually, you’re hooked into the stories of others, both dead and alive, so thoroughly that you may find yourself a long way from directing your own show.

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