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Metatronic Healing Logo jpg                                 What Does this Path Offer?

The Metatronic Healing training begins with the Foundation Course: Opening the Pathways. Through  the unique Metatronic Attunements and Transmissions, you are introduced to Metatron’s seven essential healing energies. They are the core of Metatron’s permanent gift to you, delivering high frequency, divine energies directly into your subtle and physical bodies.

The Attunements adjust your energy body to receive each wavelength, which then follows as the Transmissions of divine energy enter the heart centre of everyone present, travelling through the spinal cord and flooding the energy system with light. They ‘tune’ you in to a higher and more creative vibrational level, opening the portals of your entire being. The frequencies clear you, feed you, fortify you, and activate the intelligence of that core energy station: the heart. From the embodiment of these energies that happens as a result of this process, the divine template which underlies your physical structure is restored, returning your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies to health.

This is holistic healing at its very roots. One of the unique aspects of this initial work is that you receive Metatron’s GPS-like guidance, at the pace you are ready; this Being is like an “older spiritual brother” who knows precisely where we are and what we need to fulfill our spiritual potential.  Even though this healing system is “new” – and deeply radical – in our contemporary world, it comes from ancient wisdom and art, flowering  a deep spiritual reality founded with love and trust and authenticity.

What happens in the class ?

A combination of group healing, bringing the gift of the Attunements and Transmissions, along with opportunities to share and ask questions. On the last day you are guided through the Metatronic Healing Protocols which allow you to use this healing system for yourself and others.

We encourage you to explore the newly received  Metatronic energies, as their simplicity belies their power and they have myriad applications. To be part of this groundbreaking, evolving and ever deepening healing modality is a homecoming for many. It is a living lineage and as the body of students grows, so does connection, cohesion and sharing for each person. Deep friendships form – a homecoming to a group that is ancient and new.

Where does it lead?

Once you have received the Transmissions you may use them to deepen the healing both for yourself and others. If you wish to continue your exploration there are six other courses which make up the totality of Metatronic Healing. On each of these courses Metatron shines divine light through the blueprint of specific elements, e.g metals or crystals, to bring the Attunements and Transmissions in sacred order, all cumulatively building deeper energetic bridging within you and evolving the fluidity of your energy system, releasing the conditioning that has limited and awakening the deeper wisdom and truth held in your heart centre. As the levels progress, subtler and subtler layers are released, uncovering the divine power that lies at your core.

How do I become a Metatronic Healing Practitioner?

The Metatronic Healing courses pathway is a two strand weave: personal healing and growing and for those that wish it, the Metatronic Healing® Practitioner training. Whilst you may use Metatron’s energies for healing straight away, and continue to integrate and develop your understanding of what you have received, it is not until after completing the Foundation:Opening the Pathways + Intermediate: Golden Alchemy + Foundation Practitioner Course that you may become a registered Metatronic Healing® Practitioner, become a Metatronic Healers Association member and listed on the practitioner pages.

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