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Metatron’s Gifts

It’s young, ancient, radical. It is bringing about deep life change. This angelic healing gift, guided by the energies of Metatron, restores the templates of our sacred geometry as it dissolves ancient traumas, destructive emotions, limiting beliefs, from deep body memory. It gently, progressively transforms the dense thought-forms of fear and lack. The Metatronic frequencies – soft, loving, powerful vibrations of light-energy – do this with beautiful gentleness and grace.

As you receive the higher frequencies which gently permeate your heart-centre and your energy body, they restore the forgotten matrix: the divinely geometrically perfect template of your original, divinely-given light nature. You start to reclaim your authentic power and truth, to re-establish yourself as co-creator with divinity.

Metatron works with us and for us: the more pro-actively we engage with their energies and with their loving intention, the more powerfully they can assist us in bringing to the surface whatever we have rejected, helping us to integrate our life’s experience and to release what we no longer need to hold.

This brings radical healing: radical means ‘of the root’ – in reaching the root energetic cause of whatever dis-ease or dysfunction has presented itself, the high frequencies of divinity enable you to restore the purity of your matrix: the journey is back to innocence, but an innocence that is conscious and thus graceful, co-creative and aligned with the power of Source.